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Advidi: Complex
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One of the top CPA Affiliate Networks in the world, Advidi exists to unite the best in the industry. Founded in 2012, we’re proudly Dutch but boldly global. Tireless in our pursuit of excellence, we connect the most successful people in the business and amplify their reach. With an unparalleled network, we provide premium offers, superior traffic and robust data. 

We’re not your average
performance marketing network, we’re collaborators, accelerators and luminaries. Share your ambitions and let us make them a reality.

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Marina Baskaric Senior Account Manager

& services

  • affiliate marketing

    Affiliate marketing is a global industry that never stops evolving. We’ve been evolving with it since 2012.

    Whether you’re an affiliate or an advertiser, we help you stay ahead with best-in-class support services.

    On one hand, we add value - you get advanced reports, exclusive offers, powerful creatives, years of data and more.

    At the same time, we remove obstacles - you’ll forget what it was like to stress about cash shortages, fraud, non-responsiveness and other hassles.

    The result is more confidence, more speed and better performance, one campaign after the next.

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  • lead generation

    Leads aren’t just contact details on a spreadsheet - they’re people. And we know what it takes to attract people.

    We’ve helped some of the biggest leadgen experts in the world grow audiences in diverse global markets, resulting in a careful balance of quantity and quality.

    This all leads to a simple formula:

    If you’re an advertiser, we’ll send you leads that suit your business model, on demand, with exceptional lifetime value.

    If you’re an affiliate, we’ll find you the offers that deliver the most lucrative return on the leads you generate.

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  • business intelligence

    Our dedicated Business Intelligence department is your dedicated Business Intelligence department.

    Get detailed answers at the push of a button with custom-generated reports.

    Spot trends and opportunities with segmented data.

    Make better decisions using trillions of bytes of relevant data.

    When it comes to turning knowledge into power, we’re second to none. And it’s all available to you - our trusted partner.

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  • brand safety

    Your brand is your biggest asset. As your partner and advocate, we will treat it with the same respect you do - wielding it as a tool (not a weapon).

    Our Brand Safety guidelines are designed to maintain consistency and trust in a dynamic industry. With our focus on long-term success, your brand earns immediate respect.

    The more we help you grow with stability, the more we can all benefit from your respected name.

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  • design service

    Design isn’t a luxury - it’s a necessity.

    You need constant creatives to fuel your campaigns, but you also need them to work. A tall order for any individual or small team… but when you have data from thousands of successful campaigns, you start to see the patterns.

    Our in-house design team equips you with the top-converting creatives in every market we operate in. Not only does this eliminate hassles, it ensures that you’re always getting the best results from your campaigns.

    One less thing to worry about, one more advantage on your side.

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  • payment cycle

    You have value. It makes sense that you get paid for it - every time, quickly, no questions asked.

    Our payment cycle is tailored to each partner to ensure optimal risk management and cash flow.

    If you’re an affiliate, we’ll make sure you always have funds for traffic.

    If you’re an advertiser, we’ll make sure you only pay for results that matter to your business.

    To you, it’s that simple.

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  • global presence

    A good idea is a good idea. What works in one market will likely work just as well - or better - in another.

    With our global presence, you can stop limiting yourself to what’s available and start thinking about scaling globally.

    Looking for an untapped market? Got a new product that’s destined to break through anywhere? Let Advidi be your access point to every important geographical area.

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why work with us?

We support you at every stage of your journey and help you meet and beat all your business goals. Growth is our ultimate goal, so let's grow together.

We’ve been in business for almost ten years now and have developed a set of unique and bespoke tools that help advance your reach and achieve your goals. Our tech solutions are unrivalled on the market, which is how we help our clients win.

Our reputation precedes us which means we have access to the best high-converting offers from hundreds of global advertisers.

We connect you to the highest quality traffic meaning you reach the most valuable global users.

After almost a decade working in affiliate marketing we’re industry leaders in the highest performing verticals.

Learn more about our Products & Services:

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A world of opportunity. We’re changing the affiliate marketing game, and we’re inviting you to join us.



An ally you can depend on. We’ll think for you to help your products attract the right audience.


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What people
say about us


Affiliate / Ukraine

"They run everything smooth"

I’ve been working with Advidi for quite some time now. The team consists of qualified people who combine professionalism and enthusiasm. They have everything running smooth and are always ready to find the best solution for every request. Moreover, their offer list is one of the hottest on the market. I definitely recommend working with Advidi.


Advertiser / Germany

"Advidi is an outstanding player"

We work with Advidi for about two years now. Within this time, Advidi became one of our strongest partners, which never fails to impress. Their professionalism combined with dedication makes them an outstanding player in a highly competitive market, and we are looking forward to a bright and long lasting, successful future.


Advertiser / Kiev, Ukraine

"They have that rare great understanding"

Advidi is a well organized company with highly professional staff. Their team has that rare great understanding of all customer’s needs and requests that all advertisers are looking for. Always enthusiastic, friendly and creative employees make it a pleasure to build business relationships.


Senior Marketing Manager / Hamburg, Germany

"They are fast, focused and fucking awesome!"

We are a global lead generation company and always looking for big volumes and a good data quality. Advidi is one of our top partners, they are providing us exactly with the traffic we are looking for. Quality is always good and they can handle the big numbers. We have offices around the world and had never any issue with reaching our AM. They are fast, focused and fucking awesome!


Advertiser / Amsterdam, Netherlands

"They will show you that only the sky is the limit"

It’s a pleasure to work with Advidi. Their innovative way of thinking shows you that sky is the limit, and that everything is possible. And so far this has been the case. This approach in combination with their flexible way of working, helped establishing a valuable cooperation. I’m looking forward to see what the future will bring us!


Affiliate / Amsterdam, Netherlands

"It's more than just a margin game for them"

Advidi is a fantastic network where I really get this “work hard, play hard" feeling. My AM & BD are very committed and we often hang at their splendid office with a bottle of beer. Working with Advidi is more than just a margin game for them. They put effort in you for mutual growth and monetize your traffic strategically.


Account Manager / Berlin, Germany

"Strong partnership and good communication"

I have started working with Advidi roughly eight months ago. It has been an engaging ride, along with very reliable and responsive behaviour on their part. Even when times were tough and a lot of attention was required from both ends in order to achieve the results aspired for, we managed to follow through with tenacity and dedication on either side.


Advertiser / Munich, Germany

"Our most successful partner"

Advidi is one of our most successful partners in this highly competitive industry. We've been working together for a few years already and they have been very professional in every aspect. They offer cutting edge technology with an excellent service. We are proud to be a partner of Advidi and we are looking forward to continue this long lasting relationship.


Advertiser / Haarlem, Netherlands

"You just have to step into their office"

We started working with Advidi in 2012. Advidi understood our business, and without their high quality traffic we wouldn’t be able to scale like we did. These guys are the true professionals! Just step into their office and get a taste of the unique, proactive and great atmosphere.


Affiliate / Glasgow, Scotland

"You'll not meet nicer group of people in the industry"

What can I say... Advidi were one of the first companies I worked with as an affiliate and the help I received from my account managers was absolutely instrumental in being able to grow my business to what it is today. Such a feel good company to work with and you will not meet a nicer group of people anywhere else in this industry.


Affiliate / Graz, Austria

"I wholeheartedly recommend them"

Advidi is definitely one of the top affiliate networks I’ve had the pleasure of working with. Great selection of both exclusive and nonexclusive offers, some of the very best affiliate managers in the business, payments are always on time, so long story short: I wholeheartedly recommend them.

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