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We’re a performance marketing network. Founded in 2012. Worldwide affiliate network - but deeply Dutch.

Our mission is also our core business:

We find and connect the best people in the industry while inspiring and empowering them to be more successful.

We put people before profits. We share everything - from beers after work on Fridays to cross-department training. We respect the traditions of our industry, yet bravely challenge it to grow.

We believe we must know exactly who we are, as a united entity, in order to serve you best. And that’s exactly what you will find below: the story of Advidi.


In our industry, some people stand out.

You may not recognize them at first glance; they’re defined by their character and their decisions, not their outward appearance. They push new boundaries. They’re not afraid to challenge new markets or take calculated risks. They believe fear is a luxury; they’re too busy taking action.

We believe in these people. We call them performance marketing heroes. We recognize, connect, inspire and support them as they rise - because they bring everyone up with them.

Our mission is to empower the next wave of heroes and fill the industry with their brave mentality. If you believe you share their traits, then this is our promise: we are here for you. Let’s grow together.

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the world's first logo created by an algorithm

Our industry is different. It’s fast-moving and dynamic - driven by data and changing markets. But despite the apparent chaos, it’s surprisingly consistent; centered around shared principles and key players.

To reflect this, our logo must be different, too. Alive. Chaotic at first glance - but in reality, carefully controlled by data and human input.

Meet HIRO. A living logo that unifies two powers that cannot exist without each other in the digital environment: the ideas and passion of humans, and the precise execution of machines.

We created HIRO, and HIRO creates our logo dynamically, constantly - like our industry, it never sleeps. We invite you to interact with HIRO and find your own personal variation.

Logo designed by Positivity

Algorithmically created by Ronin

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Marina Baskaric Senior Account Manager

our people

Beneath the digital layers and conversions, we’re built on human connections. We invite you to get acquainted with us digitally - and then we’d like to get to know you in person.

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Advidi Private Collection

Advidi Private Collection is part of our elite loyalty program. Each year, we commission an artist to create a piece that represents the industry in its current form.

Our top clients receive this limited edition artwork each year, wherever they are in the world. It’s just one of the ways we aim to spread inspiration and connect on a more human level.

We started in 2018 with the Dutch artist Darrin Umboh. This year, the 2019 art piece was created by Dutch artist Eric van den Boom.

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Our one-of-a-kind office is in the old Amsterdam Machine Pump Building, built during the Industrial Revolution. The Machine pump building remained in use by the Municipal Water Supply until 1996, when it was converted into a cafe and number of warehouse style offices, including Advidi - featuring a redesign by famous Dutch designer Osiris Hertman.

It's a place we come to meet, to work and to celebrate. We believe your office should feel as close to home as possible, and that's what we've created here - lush plants, open spaces and lots of room to meet and interact.

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