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on earth

in air

on water

on fire

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The competition is back!
For the 5th time.
And it's bigger than ever.

Kings of Advidi brings the most talented and creative affiliates from all over the world. It’s a competition that tests every possible angle that affiliates know. It’s a test of creativity, willpower, persistence and ambition. In the end, a select group of crowned winners flies to Amsterdam.

To celebrate the 5th anniversary of the most anticipated affiliate competition
Kings of Advidi, we expanded every part of it - weekly prizes, a bigger grand prize, a larger group of winners, and an event that doesn’t only happen on earth!

You read that correctly! To make sure Kings of Advidi is the biggest affiliate event not only on earth, but we’re also going to celebrate in the air, by the water, surrounded by fire and crushing metal.

Over the years, Kings of Advidi created a global selection of the most talented media buyers and publishers. It’s a most wanted recognition. If you think you have what it takes to be recognised as one of them, now is your chance to prove it.

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The contest begins on 1 February 2021 and continues until 1 April 2021. All Advidi affiliates are eligible to participate. If you are new to Advidi (joined after 1 December 2020 or have not generated more than $500 in the past 6 months), you will be entered into a special category and will compete with other newcomers.

How to win: You’ll compete for points in one of 5 categories: Dating, Nutra, Sweepstakes, iGaming, Newcomer and 2 Wild Cards. The more points you have, the better your chances are to win.

For every $1k in revenue earned on Advidi offers, you’ll earn one point. In addition, you can use any of the five elements to help you gain an advantage over other competitors - don’t skip them!

Kingdom of Dating
Kingdom of Nutra
Kingdom of iGaming
Kingdom of Newcomers
Kingdom of Sweepstakes
Kingdom of Dating
Kingdom of Nutra
Kingdom of iGaming
Kingdom of Newcomers
Kingdom of Sweepstakes

For complete details, check the Terms & Conditions.


Bigger and better means more prizes. This year competitors have the chance to win BIG prizes, weekly.

Each week, based on the previous week's performance, if you are above the $7k threshold you automatically go into the draw to win a prize. With each $1k in revenue over $7k you receive an additional entry i.e. $8k=2 entries, $9k=3 entries and so on.


  • Iphone 12 Pro
  • Apple Airpods Max
  • MacBook Pro 13 inches
  • Nintendo Switch
  • DJI Mavic Air 2 Drone
  • GoPro Hero 9
  • Segway ninebot scooter
  • LG Cinebeam 4K projector

The 2 weekly winners will be drawn live on our Advidi Instagram and Kings of Advidi Telegram channel each Tuesday at 15:00 CEST. Be sure to follow us to hear about the next week's prizes that are up for grabs.
Weekly winners will be informed by email.

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If you thought the previous year's prizes were big, you have seen nothing yet!

It's our 5 year anniversary, so it seemed fitting to add a 5th day to the celebrations. But that's not all, the winner gets an all-expenses-paid trip to Amsterdam in September - no matter where you are in the world, exclusive Advidi merchandise in the daily room drops, VIP parties like you've never been to before.

Traditionally the winners would arrive in Amsterdam for the Dutch King’s day celebrations in April, however, with the global travel restrictions and lockdown precautions in place, it is not possible this year. That is why we will bring the winners to Amsterdam in September.

Each day we will draw on one of the five elements to give our winners an unforgettable experience, here is a taste of what that means:

Fire - VIP fire pit beach party

Water - A huge boat party

Air - Private party in the sky

Earth - Play like a pro on famous Johan Cruijff Arena

We have plenty more for our winners… but for now, it’s time to focus on claiming the throne!

draw on the five elements to gain your advantage in the competition

Use the elements cards to outsmart the competition. You don't have to have huge budgets or be the biggest affiliate out there, you just have to be smart and outplay the rest.

In addition to the 1 point per $1k in revenue, you can also earn bonus points from the “Five Elements”. Each Element is worth a set number of points, which will be added to your score as soon as you complete the objective.

The Five Elements reward you for making personal progress in various ways:

WATER CARD: Diversify and dominate the leaderboard!

For all points you earn in a vertical other than your primary contest vertical, you will receive 50% bonus points for the points earned on the traffic sent outside of your primary vertical. This card can be used for traffic sent between Dating and non-Dating (Nutra, Sweepstakes and iGaming) verticals.

For example: if you primarily run Dating, but you also send traffic to Sweepstakes offers and you generate $2000 on Dating offers and $3000 on Sweepstakes, you’ll earn 2 points for dating and 4.5 points for Sweepstakes (instead of 3).

FIRE CARD: Improve steadily to earn a massive leap ahead!

Grow consistently from week to week, and earn more points. The competition is divided into four 2-week cycles. If your revenue is higher than the previous cycle at the end of any given cycle, then the points earned during the latest completed cycle will be increased by 10%. If your revenue is lower than a previous cycle at the end of any cycle during the competition, you will no longer be eligible for the Fire bonus. For the first cycle, we will use the two week period before the competition starts.

AIR CARD: Double your points with special offers!

You’ll receive a newsletter with special offers every two weeks, and all traffic sent to them will earn double points.

Example: For every regular point you make for that offer, we will double it. The list of special offers will be active for 14 days and will change every second Friday at midnight Amsterdam time (CET).

EARTH CARD: Gain points from referrals!

When you refer a new affiliate to Advidi during the competition who does at least $1k in revenue, you earn 2 points. (Note: No funny stuff - each referral must have a unique bank account.)

The more affiliates you refer, the more points you earn.

METAL CARD: Beat your personal record!

We will locate your most successful month within Advidi ever. You have the chance to beat this PR within the period of the competition. If you do, we will match that with 30% extra points.

For example; if your all-time personal record with Advidi is $80k, you will get 80 regular points and 24 additional points. 104 in total for 80k revenue!
Goodbye competition!

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Stay up to date and ahead of the competition via the
Kings of Advidi 2021 Telegram channel.

The channel will have daily posts about special offers, which weekly prize is up for grabs, how to take a lead in the competition and more.


Congratulations to our 5th anniversary Kings of Advidi winners.

Kingdom of Dating
  1. 1. Loveistheanswer
Kingdom of Nutra
  1. 1. CPAlab
Kingdom of iGaming
  1. 1. EggsOfSteel
Kingdom of Sweepstakes
  1. 1. Astronauts
  2. 2. Dominator


  • Who can compete?

    All active Advidi affiliates can join the competition. All you need to do is to sign up. The competition will be active for two calendar months, starting on 1 February 2021 and ending on 1 April 2021. You can sign up at any point during the competition; we will calculate all your traffic from 1 February regardless of when you join. However, you can use the Five Elements only after you sign up to help you earn bonus points, so don’t wait if you really want to win!

  • How are the winners determined?

    There will be 7 winners in total. The winners will be chosen based on the points they earn during the competition. Participants are eligible to win 1 of 5 categories: Dating, Nutra, Sweepstakes, iGaming, Newcomer. In addition to this, we will choose 2 winners via Wild Card (2 winners).

    If you joined Advidi after 1 December 2020 or have not generated more than $500 in the past 6 months, you join the Newcomer category by default. The Wild Card category grants two additional winners, selected randomly based on points earned. Each point is an additional card for the drawing, The more cards you have, the bigger the chances for winning. To draw the winners of the Wild Cards, we will place all the entries into a giant bowl and our team will draw the 2 winners out at the end of the competition.

  • How can I measure my progress?

    We will publish a progress report twice every week on Mondays and Thursdays. The report will include the top 5 competitors in each category. For this purpose, we will use nicknames – no personal names or email addresses.
    This will be regularly updated on the leaderboard.

  • How can I increase my chance of winning?

    The winners in each category will be chosen by the number of points they earn during the competition. For every $1000 in revenue, the competitor will earn 1 point. The competitor with the most points in each category will be the winner in that category. If no competitors have reached the threshold,
    another winner will be appointed.

    To give you a competitive edge, we offer a number of ways to speed up the process of earning points. These come in the form of the Five Elements (see above).

    As such, this competition will test your affiliate marketing skills in general, not just your traffic. Outsmart your competitors and earn extra points by timing your campaigns to take advantage of special offers and custom deals. This is your chance to show everyone that you’re true affiliate marketing royalty!

  • I won in 2020, can i compete again?

    Yes, if you won the 2020 Kings of Advidi you CAN compete again this year. If you win again, we have extra special prizes installed for you. Your affiliate manager has already sent you all the details.