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People first. Then profits.

Advidi is an affiliate marketing network that helps affiliates and advertisers successfully trade media at scale with unparalleled levels of support, control and transparency. We detect the most profitable offers in our dedicated verticals and partner them with the most profitable campaigns for our clients. To ensure this, we have developed proprietary revenue-generating programs, exclusive tools, unique verticals and valuable metrics. This is the only way to rest assured that our clients are receiving targeted and optimized solutions of the highest quality.


In this modern, dynamic environment, we base our business strategy on a stable, traditional value: People first, then profits.
With this in mind, we strive for honest communication from day one. We’ll never risk a long-term relationship for short-term profit.

Dating / Nutra / Mainstream / iGaming
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Casual • Adult • Mainstream • LeadGen

Advidi is the biggest name in Dating for most GEOs and niches. It’s in our roots, and our experience goes back decades. Most of our Dating partnerships are exclusive. By working with a wide range of offers on thousands of successful campaigns worldwide, we deliver valuable, targeted insight for our partners. Our presence in Dating is easily summarized: we know what works.

Sweepstakes • LeadGen • CC Submits Mobile • Utilities • Surveys • Freebies

Experience and diversification drive our Mainstream success. Our targeting solutions are backed by years of testing across diverse GEOs. We feature exclusive direct-to-merchant offers, innovative tracking tools, short payment cycles, high payouts and 24/7 service. Expect to push new boundaries.

Casino • Slots • Live & Table Games Poker • Betting • Bingo • Scratch Cards

When it comes to iGaming, we take luck out of the equation. You’ll find the highest payouts in the industry and offers that perform across diverse traffic sources and flows. Our advertisers get premium traffic with high customer LTV, while affiliates get dedicated traffic sources and exclusive offers. We’re well past the practice point, and we can take you there.

Diet • Skin • Muscle • Hair • Teeth • Brain Male Enhancement

As the largest Health & Beauty network in Europe, we work with the biggest advertisers and affiliates in the world, providing exclusive access to a broad range of offers, flows and traffic sources. We help our partners maintain high-quality traffic, avoid setbacks and achieve optimal demographic segmentation. Performance matters to us most, and it’s what helps us stay ahead of the pack.

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  • Weekly Payments
  • Immediate Support
  • Highest Payouts
  • Exclusive Landers
  • Bannering System
  • Fingerprint tracking system
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  • Long-term Partnerships
  • Immediate Support
  • Exclusive Fraud Protection
  • Strict Approval System
  • Fingerprint Tracking System
  • Close Relationships
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We strive to be the best place to work by creating the best working environment possible. We put a strong emphasis on personal development and teamwork, along with offering a variety of perks: Friday after-hours drinks, a kitchen full of healthy food, a chef preparing delicious lunches, video games, darts, table tennis, trimester celebrations, Fancy Friday parties, gym sessions during working hours, a Dutch language professor for expats, a massive annual company trip and much more.


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How is it to work with us?

Affiliate / Glasgow, Scotland
You'll not meet nicer group of people in the industry

What can I say... Advidi were one of the first companies I worked with as an affiliate and the help I received from my account managers was absolutely instrumental in being able to grow my business to what it is today.
Such a feel good company to work with and you will not meet a nicer group of people anywhere else in this industry.

Affiliate / Graz, Austria
I wholeheartedly recommend them

Advidi is definitely one of the top affiliate networks I’ve had the pleasure of working with. Great selection of both exclusive and nonexclusive offers, some of the very best affiliate managers in the business, payments are always on time, so long story short: I wholeheartedly recommend them.

Advertiser / Munich, Germany
Our most successful partner

Advidi is one of our most successful partners in this highly competitive industry. We've been working together for a few years already and they have been very professional in every aspect. They offer cutting edge technology with an excellent service. We are proud to be a partner of Advidi and we are looking forward to continue this long lasting relationship.

Advertiser / Haarlem, Netherlands
You just have to step into their office

We started working with Advidi in 2012. Advidi understood our business, and without their high quality traffic we wouldn’t be able to scale like we did. These guys are the true professionals! Just step into their office and get a taste of the unique, proactive and great atmosphere.

Affiliate / Amsterdam, Netherlands
It's more than just a margin game for them

Advidi is a fantastic network where I really get this “work hard, play hard" feeling. My AM & BD are very committed and we often hang at their splendid office with a bottle of beer. Working with Advidi is more than just a margin game for them. They put effort in you for mutual growth and monetize your traffic strategically.

Account Manager / Berlin, Germany
Strong partnership and good communication

I have started working with Advidi roughly eight months ago. It has been an engaging ride, along with very reliable and responsive behaviour on their part. Even when times were tough and a lot of attention was required from both ends in order to achieve the results aspired for, we managed to follow through with tenacity and dedication on either side. We have grown our businesses together and I would happily work with them at any given time. I believe that the key to succeed in this highly competitive industry is a strong partnership and good communication, which, I believe, reflects the Advidi company culture.