In our industry, some people stand out. Not obvious at first glance, they’re defined by their character, their decisions and their commitment. They push new boundaries. They are fearless in the face of challenge, hungry for new adventure and unfazed by risk. Too busy taking action, these people see fear as a luxury.

These are our people. These are our performance marketing heroes. We recognize, connect, inspire and support them as they rise – because they bring everyone up with them. It’s our mission to empower the next wave of heroes and infuse the industry with their brave mentality.


The Advidi brand has been out in the world for almost ten years now, it’s grown as we have. It evolved as we expanded into new verticals with astonishing success and grew as we developed our services to offer the best possible experience for our partners. It has enabled us to form the connections that cross the globe. It has helped build affinity in a dynamic industry and build loyalty with those that matter most – our affiliates and our advertisers.

Our brand exists to echo Advidi’s mission. It is our calling card, our promise to affiliates and advertisers that we will deliver. It’s a brand that allows our strengths to flourish. It’s a mission and mentality that has prepared us for bigger wins; It’s clear and stable in the world for confusion.

Ultimately, it represents more than a network. It’s a celebration of our belief in people over profits, our commitment to resilient technology and our dedication to delivering loyal and lasting relationships.

Hiro – The world’s first logo created by an algorithm

Our industry is different. It’s fast-moving and dynamic – driven by data and changing markets. But despite the apparent chaos, it’s surprisingly consistent; centered around shared principles and key players.

To reflect this, our logo must be different, too. Alive. Chaotic at first glance – but in reality, carefully controlled by data and human input.

Meet HIRO. A living logo that unifies two powers that cannot exist without each other in the digital environment: the ideas and passion of humans, and the precise execution of machines.

We created HIRO, and HIRO creates our logo dynamically, constantly – like our industry, it never sleeps. We invite you to interact with HIRO and find your own personal variation.



Meet hiro