Adsterra is a global advertising network with a unique Partner Care approach. It is a world-renowned brand (since 2013) with a good reputation, recognized by many media buyers, CPA networks, affiliate marketers, and start-up founders.

Adsterra supplies over 1 billion impressions daily and provides a 15-20% CTR on the leading verticals.

  • Top verticals: VPN, software and utilities, cleaners, mobile subscriptions, dating, e-commerce, sweepstakes, and finance.
  • Ad formats: Popunders, Social Bar, and In-Page Push.
  • Multiple cost models: CPA, CPM, CPI, CPL, CPC, and RTB.
  • The minimum deposit is only $100.
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Social Bar is a flagship ad format by Adsterra, demonstrating a 10-30x CTR boost. It lets you create fully customizable creatives in the form of chats, video teasers, messenger icons, interstitials, in-page pushes, friendly notifications, and custom lead forms on a publisher’s web page. Social Bar ads may be static and dynamic, and they are mobile-friendly.