The hottest summer affiliate contest is about to light up! If you think you’re big enough to win it, then you’ll soon get your chance to prove it. Advidi Adventure is a two-month journey that will challenge you to push your affiliate marketing skills to new heights… and only the best of the best will reach the top!

Contestants compete for points in six categories: Dating, Health & Beauty, Mainstream, iGaming, Champions League (a special category for the 2018 winners of Kings of Advidi), and Wild Card (an extra winner selected from all participants - the more points you have, the better your chances are to win).

There can only be one winner in each category… and with a prize like the Advidi Adventure, you can expect HUGE competition.

The epic Advidi Adventure prize includes a two-city tour of the affiliate marketing world. We’ll begin in Amsterdam, with partying and private business discussions. Then we’ll turn up the heat and head south to Barcelona, where we’ll join the action at the biggest European affiliate event - Affiliate World Europe!

If you want to compete, simply fill out the signup form and choose an original nickname.

Once you receive approval via email, you’re officially in the running to win your spot in the Advidi Adventure!

The Prize

The prize is an unbeatable Advidi Adventure! We’ll take you on a journey from Amsterdam to Barcelona, hitting all the high points of affiliate marketing along the way. The full package includes:

  • Flight tickets to Amsterdam and Barcelona
  • Tickets to Affiliate World Europe
  • Beach party at Strand Zuid - a hidden oasis in the middle of Amsterdam
  • Business day at the Advidi office followed by dinner
  • Huge rooftop party with Advidi during AWE
  • Hotel accommodation at premium hotels in Amsterdam and Barcelona

The prize for the Champions League winner will be a customized experience. The winner can invite two friends on a unique summer adventure, including AWE tickets and accommodation in a Wow Suite at the W Hotel in Barcelona.


Who can compete?

All active Advidi affiliates can join the competition. All you need to do is to sign up. The competition will be active for two calendar months, starting on 17 April 2018 and ending on 17 June 2018. You can sign up at any point during the competition; we will calculate all your traffic from 17 April regardless of when you join. However, there are special Boosters that help you earn bonus points, so don’t wait if you really want to win!

Who will win?

There will be 6 winners in total. The winners will be chosen based on the points they earn during the competition. There will be winners in all 4 verticals we’re currently working in: Dating, Health & Beauty, Mainstream and iGaming. The 5th and 6th categories are brand new: the Champions League and Wild Card! The Champions League pits the winners of the 2018 Kings of Advidi contest against each other to see who’s the best of the best. The Wild Card is a randomly selected winner based on points earned (each point is an entry in the drawing).

How can I measure my progress?

We will publish a progress report twice every week on Mondays and Thursdays. The report will include the top 5 competitors in each category. For this purpose, we will use nicknames – no personal names or email addresses. This will be regularly updated on this page.

How can I win?

The winners in each category will be chosen by the number of points they earn during the competition. For every $1000 in revenue, the competitor will earn 1 point. The competitor with the most points in each category will be the winner in that category. If no competitors have reached the threshold, another winner will be appointed.

To give you a competitive edge, we offer a number of ways to speed up the process of earning points. These come in the form of Boosters (see below).

As such, this competition will test your affiliate marketing skills in general, not just your traffic. Outsmart your competitors and earn extra points by timing your campaigns to take advantage of special offers and custom deals. This is your chance to turn up the heat and show everyone that you’re among the hottest players in affiliate marketing!

What are Boosters?

Boosters are special challenges that reward you for making personal progress during the competition. There are 5 Boosters: Referral Master, Multitasker, Grower, Special Offers and Custom Deals.

Referral Master

Bring in 5 new affiliates that do at least $1K revenue each before the contest ends to earn a reward of 15 points. (There must be 5 different bank accounts to which the money is transferred to prove that they are 5 different people.)


For all points you earn in a vertical other than your primary contest vertical, you will receive 50% bonus points for those. (E.g. if you primarily run Dating, but also earn 10 points on Mainstream offers, you’ll earn 15 points instead.)


The competition is divided into four 2-week cycles. If your revenue is higher than the previous cycle at the end of a cycle, then the points earned during the latest completed cycle will be increased by 10%. If your revenue is lower than a previous cycle at the end of any cycle during the competition, you will no longer be eligible for the Grower bonus. For the first cycle, we will use the two week period before the competition starts.

Special Offer

We’ll send you an email with special offers every two weeks. All traffic sent to them will earn double points! For every regular point you make for that offer, we will double it. The list of special offers will be active for 14 days and will change every second Friday at midnight Amsterdam time (CET).

Custom Deals

You can earn extra points based on custom deals made with your affiliate manager. He or she can help you earn extra points during the competition – be sure to ask about this!

For complete Booster details, check the Terms & Conditions.


The contest begins on 17 April 2018 and ends on 17 June 2018.

There will be 6 winners in 6 different categories: Dating, Health & Beauty, Mainstream, iGaming, Champions League and Wild Card.

Winners will be chosen based on points earned through the volume of traffic and revenue they send to our network during the competition.

The winners will be announced on 18 June 2018 and will arrive in Amsterdam on 15 July 2018 to begin the Adventure.



This section will be updated twice per week on Mondays and Thursdays.

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