Why It Pays to Run the Antivirus Vertical with Advidi

If you’re ready to uncover a lucrative opportunity in affiliate marketing, then look no further than the Antivirus vertical. With huge potential for earnings and a broad audience, it remains a goldmine ready to be sifted. Let’s break down why you should get excited about the antivirus vertical and how you can make the most of it.

So, Why Antivirus?

Well, answering that is easy:

  • Uncapped earning potential: One of the best things about the Antivirus vertical is its uncapped earning potential.
  • Recognizable brands: We work with big names like McAfee and Avast whose extensive offers are always on the lookout for more traffic.
  • Easy to scale up: Unlike other verticals, where scaling up can take a lot of time, Antivirus programs can handle large volumes of traffic right from the start. Imagine being able to send hundreds of sales in a single day.

A World Wide Reach

What’s nice about Antivirus products is that it has universal appeal. You can target over 50 countries, meaning your potential customer base is huge. Essentially, anyone with an internet connection is a potential customer. This is a significant advantage compared to more niche verticals which have a much narrower audience.


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Payment Terms to Keep You Growing

Working directly with Antivirus brands can sometimes mean less favorable payment terms, such as monthly payments with net 30 terms. This can result in a 60-day wait for your earnings. However, intermediary networks (uh hum, Advidi) offer a huge advantage by providing weekly payments to trusted affiliates. This immediate cash flow is crucial for keeping your campaigns running smoothly and scaling quickly and we’re here to support you with that.

Maintaining Traffic Quality

While the potential for high earnings is exciting, it’s essential to maintain traffic quality. Networks carefully vet affiliates through a qualification period, usually lasting a month or two. During this time, they evaluate the quality of your traffic based on feedback from advertisers and monitor the creatives and copy you use to promote products. If you demonstrate consistent quality, you can enjoy increased caps and weekly payments.

Show Me the Money

Antivirus programs offer competitive payouts. Some brands offer consistent payouts across different packages, while other brand payouts vary based on the product purchased, ranging from $60 to $150 CPA. The earning potential is huge, particularly in Tier 1 countries, so it’s worth signing up with Advidi to find out which brands offer higher payouts.


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Effective Traffic Sources and Strategies

Affiliates can leverage various traffic sources to promote antivirus products. Push traffic is particularly popular for its effectiveness and simplicity. Running push traffic involves setting up an offer with or without a pre-lander and driving traffic to the checkout page. This method is straightforward and accessible to most affiliates.

Display and native traffic also perform well. Native traffic, in particular, uses a storytelling approach that effectively engages potential customers. However, push traffic remains a staple due to its cost-effectiveness and scalability.

Success Stories: Real Affiliates, Real Results

Many affiliates who transitioned from other verticals, such as e-commerce or lead generation, have found success in Antivirus marketing. For instance, affiliates who previously ran native traffic for e-commerce or Nutra offers have successfully adapted to promoting Antivirus products.

One of our affiliates has experienced a 23% increase in payouts since incorporating Antivirus into their Nutra campaigns. This significant success with Antivirus can be attributed to cracking native advertising. The transition is relatively smooth, especially for those familiar with these strategies.

Hot Spots: Key Geographics

While the US remains a primary market due to its high payouts, it’s becoming increasingly competitive. Affiliates are encouraged to explore other lucrative regions such as Canada, the UK and Germany. Here at Advidi, we’ve seen an upward trend in Latin America with Brazil, and Mexico firmly placing themselves on the Antivirus map. Each of these markets offers unique opportunities and can help diversify traffic sources and revenue streams.

Advidi’s Tools of Support and Resources

The nice thing about working with a network is that we provide extensive support to affiliates, including pre-made creatives, copy, and landing pages. This resource kit simplifies the setup process and ensures you can launch effective campaigns quickly. Additionally, networks offer guidance on optimizing traffic sources and strategies, enhancing your chances of success.


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Final Thoughts

The Antivirus vertical is a fantastic opportunity for affiliates seeking high-earning potential, global reach, and a diverse customer base. With robust support systems, favourable payment terms, and the potential for uncapped earnings, this sector is a lucrative avenue for both new and experienced affiliates.

Think you’re ready to try your hand at Antivirus? Whether you’re a seasoned affiliate or looking to expand your horizons, the Antivirus market welcomes you with open arms and promising prospects.

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