5 Myths About Affiliate Marketing Networks Debunked


You know, there’s often a lot of chatter when it comes to working with affiliate networks, and it’s time we came in to separate fact from fiction. Look, we might be slightly biased here, but we believe one of the key components of a successful affiliate marketing strategy is working with affiliate networks. In saying that, there are some common myths or misconceptions that may discourage affiliate marketers from collaborating with affiliate networks. In this blog post, we’ll debunk five of these myths and shed light on the many advantages of working with affiliate networks, specifically us, Advidi.

Myth #1: Affiliate Networks Take a Large Chunk of Commissions 

Some affiliate marketers fear that working with affiliate networks means sacrificing a significant portion of their commissions in fees and charges. While it’s true that affiliate networks do charge a fee for their services, the benefits they provide often outweigh the costs.

DEBUNKED: We, as an affiliate network, earn our fees by providing valuable services like reporting, and payment processing. Not only this, but our 12 years in the industry means we have long-standing relationships with advertisers,  giving us extra bargaining power and allowing us to negotiate higher commission rates and CPAs.

Though at times the payout may be slightly lower when working directly with an advertiser the added benefit is that you’re guaranteed to receive your payment and you’ll experience the highest level of service and communication with your Affiliate Manager. 


Myth #2: Affiliate Networks Lack Transparency

Some affiliate marketers believe that working through affiliate networks means sacrificing transparency and control over their marketing efforts. They fear that they won’t have access to crucial data, metrics or that their flows will be stolen.

DEBUNKED: Here at Advidi, we prioritise transparency and provide affiliates with comprehensive reporting. Our in-house BI team provides the affiliate managers with indepth reports and insights. They can then pass these on to their affiliates, helping them optimise and fine-tune their campaigns. We have dedicated account managers who are readily available to answer questions and offer support, ensuring that affiliates have the information they need to optimise their campaigns effectively.


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Myth #3: Affiliate Networks Only Work In One Vertical

One particular myth that may deter affiliate marketers is the belief that affiliate networks only focus on one vertical, limiting the scope of opportunities available to affiliates.

DEBUNKED: This misconception couldn’t be further from the truth. We offer an array of verticals and industries including Dating, Nutra, Sweepstakes, iGaming, Antivirus and E-commerce. We have dedicated AMs, with in depth knowledge about both the products and the ins and outs of each specific vertical, whether it’s trends, optimisations, legalities, they’re across it all. Focusing on their vertical allows them to really hone in their expertise to guide and support their affiliates.


Myth #4: All Affiliate Networks Have The Same Offers and Advertisers

A common mistake affiliate marketers make is that all affiliate networks offer identical products, services, and advertisers, making it irrelevant which network they choose to work with or whether they’re worth working with at all.

DEBUNKED: Well, this just isn’t true. In reality, affiliate networks vary significantly in the offers and advertisers they provide, and this diversity is a significant advantage for affiliate marketers.

Network reputation plays a huge role in the offers and advertisers, and that’s one thing after 12 years in the business Advidi has. Our reputation means we attract high-quality advertisers and offers. By choosing a well-established network with a strong reputation, you gain access to dedicated caps, higher POs of exclusives and a more lucrative pool of advertisers. 

This reputation means we have exclusive partnerships with advertisers that are not available elsewhere. These exclusive offers can be highly lucrative, as they have less competition, which means you have a better chance of earning higher commissions.


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Myth #5: It’s Impossible to Get Approved by Affiliate Networks

New affiliates sometimes worry that getting accepted by an affiliate network is a challenging and time-consuming process, and they may not meet the criteria for approval.

DEBUNKED: While we have approval processes in place to maintain the quality of our network, we are generally accessible to a wide range of affiliates. There’s a reason we don’t let just anyone in. We aim to always provide top-notch offers and service. To achieve this, it’s crucial that we align ourselves with like-minded individuals who can not only meet but also exceed the quality and volume expectations of our advertisers.

To improve your chances of approval make sure to showcase your marketing skills and adhere to the network’s guidelines. Though it can be difficult to be accepted, once you’re in you’re one of us and we won’t lose track of you.


In a nutshell, it’s time to challenge these preconceived ideas you have about affiliate networks. Strategically collaborating with such networks can be a game-changer for your affiliate marketing journey. There are plenty of factors to take into consideration when choosing a network to work with.

If you’re looking for around-the-clock support from industry veterans who want to crack the game just as much as you do and treat you like a partner, not a number then Advidi is your network. We hope that debunking these myths may allow you to unlock your full potential by working with an experienced, successful network like us, Advidi.

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