The world has found itself in a situation of uncertainty, while some are dreaming of times of normalcy, one person is considering a world where COVID-19 continues to take over. 

In the mind of our visual brand manager, Giovanni Garrone, it isn’t your typical post-outbreak zombie apocalypse. It’s a world of beauty, stillness and nature. 

Giovanni has taken some of the most popular monuments like the Eiffel Tower, Grand Central Station and the Statue of Liberty and transformed them into artwork that captures a world ravished by nature, a world where mankind has no impact.

The series of artwork is called “Beyond”. Giovanni said “it represents the effects of the global quarantine that lasts longer. Nature invades artificial spaces.” 

This is how the new world looks through his eyes.

Black and white image of giraffe in BerlinBlack and white image of FlorenceBlack and white image of ParisBlack and white image of Statue of LibertyBlack and white image of RomeBlack and white image of Venice

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