Advidi Adventure: It’s gonna be huuuuge

Hello, my fellow members of Advidi.


Before I get started, first I have to say this: I love talking to you people. You’re winners. It’s great. I love to see the work you do. Incredible. Really, it’s tremendous.


A few weeks ago, Advidi posted about something coming soon – something big. I’m here to correct that. It was fake news. Can’t trust it.


The truth is, this isn’t just big… it’s HUGE. Massive. I’ve never seen anything like it.


I know it’s going to be big, because last year – last year, these guys, Advidi – and let me tell you, I really love these guys – really hard workers, good people – last year, Advidi had a contest. Kings of Advidi.


It was incredible. Truly fantastic. Nobody has contests like Advidi does. They’re the best contests. Everyone says they’re the best. It’s true.


Last year, they flew in some great winners from around the world to celebrate their fantastic victory in Amsterdam – Amsterdam, great city. Full of winners. Of course, I think the media got it wrong. Those guys last year – I said this, and nobody believed me – they won even bigger than everyone said. But anyway, they won, so now I don’t care. We know for sure that it was bigly. Advidi put them up in a beautiful, beautiful hotel. They had a boat party on the canals. They talked business. They built a wall. It was great.
And now, Advidi is doing it again. But this time – and I just thought of this, it’s genius – this time, it will be even bigger. The bigliest. And it will be called Advidi Adventure.


Advidi Adventure begins on 15 February 2017. That’s next week, folks. Ask anyone. Everyone says it’s true. My calendar is the best calendar, and it says the 15th is next week. Says it right there. Wednesday. You can’t make this up.


It’s gonna be huge!


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