Advidi Joins Dance4Life to Run the 2018 New York Marathon

After one year of anticipation (and intense preparation), the runners are ready.

This weekend, 3 brave representatives from Advidi (Mark, Bram and Patrick) will join Dance4Life to run the legendary New York Marathon – a 42.2 kilometer test of endurance throughout the Big Apple.

Although this is a personal challenge for the runners, there’s a greater cause driving them. Each runner has been sponsored by a number of donors from around the world, with all proceeds going to support Dance4Life and their mission to spread positive sexual education for youths around the world.

This is the second consecutive year that we have partnered with Dance4Life. Both our CEO and VP of Marketing are part of the Friends4Life network – a group of dedicated Dance4Life donors. We support the various Dance4Life initiatives through direct sponsorship, events, networking and running the New York Marathon as part of their team.

To drum up some extra enthusiasm, we spoke with Dance4Life’s Fundraising & Events Manager, Saskia Bos, who explains the Dance4Life mission and the reasons behind choosing the New York Marathon – one of her main projects.

Why is Dance4Life running in the New York Marathon?

The New York Marathon is a big fundraising project for Dance4Life! We raise money to fund our worldwide projects.

I’m a fanatic sporter myself so this project is close to my heart. After organizing the project for more than three years I decided to run the New York Marathon myself in 2017. There is not a week that goes by when I’m not thinking about this amazing race! It is one of the most special experiences I have had in my life and I’m really proud that Mark, Bram & Patrick will experience this amazing adventure coming weekend as team Advidi!

Where is Dance4Life most active currently? What are the main issues you’re attempting to assist with?

We pursue our vision and mission with our strong network of partners from around the globe. We work in almost 14 countries, spread over 4 continents: Africa, Asia, Europe and South America. We continuously build evidence on how our model empowers young people and contributes to decreasing three of the biggest sexual health threats that young people face these days: HIV, unwanted pregnancies, and sexual- and gender-based violence.

Can you tell us more about where the donations go?

The support of our New York Marathon team allows us to train more peer-to-peer youth empowerment trainers, so more young people get a fair shot at a bright future. Our model has a proven track record in fostering critical personal leadership and changing actions that lead to improved sexual health, awareness, and ultimately – prosperity.

How does Dance4Life find new partners and supporters?

New partners and supporters are really important for Dance4Life. New partners, friends and runners connect with Dance4Life via different routes but mostly via our brand, corporate partners, Friends4Life and our personal network.

What other activities does Dance4Life organize to support your mission?

There are many opportunities to support Dance4Life’s mission. In the Netherlands we focus on different target groups.

We have our Schools4Life program for high school students, our New York Marathon & Dam tot Damloop project for everybody who loves sport and we have our Friends4Life network; this is Dance4Life’s exclusive business network for private donors. It’s a community of creative, curious and entrepreneurial people. A social club for people who want to be involved in a social cause. 
Mark and Petar are also part of our Friends4Life network.

Want more information or curious about joining our Friends4Life Network?

Please contact my colleague Anouk Dekkers:

Inspired to challenge yourself in 2019 and follow the footsteps of our Advidi running team?

You can already sign up to join next year’s New York Marathon team:

The Marathon takes place this Sunday, 4 November 2018. If you’d like to follow along, check the official listing for local television stations and online streaming – and be sure to follow our Instagram profile for updates: @advidi

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