It’s an exciting time for Advidi, in addition to the offers you’re currently enjoying, Advidi has new finance and insurance offers.

Regardless of an individual’s interests, issues related to money will always be relevant. As an affiliate marketer, this opens doors to a range of opportunities across numerous demographics.

It’s the age-old saying ‘follow the money’. There is fierce competition between financial institutions, and insurance companies, to attract customers. Lucky for you, this results in high payouts for insurance and finance affiliate networks.

How It Works

With offers from all types of insurance and financial loans and debt, there is never a shortage of high converting offers. 

Although these offers work in a slightly different flow to our other verticals, the process is very simple. 

Many finance and insurance offers are based on CPL. It looks like any SOI but with a one page submit or click here to apply button. However, there’s one additional step in the flow. The end user must pre-qualify on certain KPIs related to that offer.

For example, with a PayDay Loan, the end user must prove that they have “x” amount of debt and are “currently employed”. KPIs vary from one offer to the next, but are far easier to target, as most people experience some form of debt, insurance needs, or are looking for loans. 

This is our next step and we expect it to grow quickly, so we’re looking to work long-term with affiliates who are interested in creating a stable, steadily growing conversion machine.

Let’s grow together. 


For more information contact your affiliate manager. 


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