Celebrating their 10th anniversary, I was lucky enough to digitally sit down with Alto Global Processing CEO and Co-Founder, Luca Bizzotto, to learn more about the leading payment processing company.

With a background in eCommerce, traffic and marketing, Luca tells me his years of experience and industry connections were the steppingstones to launching his own company, and like their slogan says, taking payment to new heights.


Alto Global Processing was founded in 2010, what was the vision behind the company? 

We have been working at full force since we launched in 2010 and are excited to be celebrating our 10th anniversary. The idea of the company formed when my partner and I were having a hard time with merging processes. We started to use our connections in the banking industry to learn more about the process and it fascinated us. We knew right then and there it was a business we wanted to get into.

It is a challenging business to enter, but we had the right people to support and guide us.


In a continuously changing market, how do you plan for the future?

We are always trying to be as forward thinking as possible. In the payment space, things continue to evolve, such as payment methods, payment models and technology.

These are constantly changing, and we are always trying to be at the forefront of that. Adding these tools and benefits to our current clients, helps us differentiate ourselves from our competitors. 

When it comes to forecasting, we have open conversations with experts within the payment industry to pick their brains and build ideas on how to evolve our suite of products that will ultimately benefit our clients.


How does Alto Global Processing stand out from your competitors in the market?

We hear frequently that our clients love the way we treat them, and the way we run our business. I attribute that to our client service approach. For us, service is at the forefront of our business and I think that shows and is a key factor in our success. 

A lot of our competitors are large companies in the industry. We offer similar products to these large companies, but with a more family/friendly attitude and approach to our clients. We are hands on with every account, and internally, we strive to make sure our clients are happy, and if they aren’t, we take the time to understand why and how we can fix it immediately.

Aside from that, we offer products and services that most payment companies can’t do. Our specialty is being able to help a client that wants to target the whole world and facilitate their payments for all geographies. We have a team of in-house experts that can provide guidance for let’s say a client based in the US, that is looking to get into Europe.


What is trending in your industry right now?

There’s a lot going on in the industry, but right now the immediate threat during these uncertain times is fraud.

We are seeing an uptick in eCommerce sales, particularly household items. The immediate challenge is that in this global pandemic, a lot of people are losing their jobs or taking a cut in their income but are continuing to purchase goods online. This means we will inevitably see lots of buyer’s remorse and customers claiming fraud or they never received products. 

We also have the supply chain challenges during this time that we’re also paying close attention to, customers may not actually be receiving the products they purchased which create more disputes. 

So at the moment, we are in a mitigation stage, just making sure our clients are aware and prepared for what might be coming and that things are being screened probably to make sure our clients’ businesses remain healthy.

In terms of overall trending, however, even before COVID-19, we are seeing from a sales perspective trends going into localised markets.

Merchants are starting to think outside the box. We are seeing a lot of clients moving away from the larger markets, such as the US, into smaller and potentially more difficult markets like Germany or Scandinavia which are more difficult to penetrate but are seemingly profitable once they’ve been able to establish themselves.


Why/how is partnering with Advidi beneficial for our clients?

We share mutual clients with Advidi, for us, a partnership with Advidi makes sense as we complement each other. Our clients fit well with Advidi’s services and it is a natural fit.



About Alto Global Processing:

Alto Global Processing is a leading provider of merchant services for card-not-present industries. The company has formed direct acquiring relationships with merchant banks in nearly every continent of the world to service the broad scope of online industries and maximize merchant profitability. By pairing merchants with strategic acquiring partners based on industry, risk factors, geography and target market, Alto has been able to increase merchant revenue and reduce overall processing costs.

Perhaps Alto’s most valuable asset, is founded on the versatility of its team members. The management team has been strategically selected and premised on areas of expertise. In turn, Alto has collectively created an operational team that has decades of combined experience in the technical, banking and merchant space. 

The company is comprised of 3 divisions, Alto Global Processing provides payment services, AltoShield provides chargeback prevention services, and AltoRAM provides Representments, Analytics and Monitoring services for risk and chargeback management.

We are Taking Payments to New Heights!

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