Online shopping has hit an all time high due to the global pandemic, and one company is making sure they give consumers a memorable experience while we are in lockdown.  I, digitally, sat down with The Fulfillment Lab’s VP of Sales, Mark Holmes, to discuss everything fulfillment.


The Fulfillment Lab was founded in 2012, what was the vision behind the company?

The Fulfillment Lab was formed in 2012 by Rick Nelson, he had a lot of exposure to the fulfillment Industry through his commercial print clients, who were mostly disillusioned with the service level they were receiving. 

Rick, who was an entrepreneur working with his family business, then decided he would research the industry and see what was on offer. He soon discovered that the industry was “one size fits all” with a cookie cutter approach and he wanted to offer a more customized software based platform and The Fulfillment Lab was born.

Proprietary software and the ability to customize all analytics and reporting through our online dashboard as well as the ability to join orders based on static information, Back Order Prevention tools that allow for easier inventory control with manufacturing lead times and transit times plugged into the system we can communicate when re-orders are required based on daily velocity.

Currently, we have 2 domestic facilities, Tampa Florida and Salt Lake City Utah giving our clients the benefit of using a facility on each coast, our 14 International hubs give us a worldwide footprint.

The Fulfillment Lab has made it easy for companies to integrate with us through our extremely robust API. We also have zero barriers to entry, meaning we have no upfront costs.

In a continuously changing market, how do you plan for the future?

Market Penetration, Product Development, Market Expansion and Diversification are the 4 areas we focus on as well as identifying and staying in front of online trends to ensure we have the right products available.


How does The Fulfillment Lab stand out from your competitors in the market?

To put it simply, we stand out from our competitors by: 

Difference – We ensure our clients experience best in class deliverables. It isn’t just one area in which we excel. Whether it’s the proprietary software, people, or our process you’re sure to feel the difference. Over the last 8 years, we have honed our process’ and perfected our software to ensure the highest standards are met and exceeded across all clients large and small.

Technology – Global fulfillment system (GFS) changes the game, raises the bar and set’s the industry standard. When our clients asked for more visibility and control, we listened. Combining today’s cutting edge technology (written with Angular front end & net.core backend) an intuitive client dashboard, we offer a complete real-time view on every order! Upload, edit, or cancel multiple or single orders simply and quickly. Check geographical sales by state to maximize marketing Dollars. Easy split testing, order joins are just of the few advantages available.

Receiving & Storage – With no receiving or storage fees, The Fulfillment Lab is making it easier and more accessible for businesses of all sizes to outsource their fulfillment needs without the headache of the associated costs typically involved. We strive to remove any barrier to entry with zero upfront costs before shipping. Let The Fulfillment Lab do the heavy lifting so you don’t have to.

Pick n Pack – Having a scalable repeatable model is crucial for continued growth and operating above 99% accuracy doesn’t happen by accident. The Fulfillment Lab obtain both through our fantastic processes, people, and world class proprietary software! From simple pack and pack to complex kitting projects we ensure every order is handled correctly & efficiently, providing peace of mind that no matter which facility, domestic or International our process is followed to ensure accurate on time deliveries.


What is trending in your industry right now?

As we know, people are in their homes more now than ever and with this online shopping has skyrocketed in 2020. 

Because we are unable to get to a brick and mortar store, we are seeing an increase in the attention of the shopper’s online experience. Before the pandemic, consumers were not bothered to receive their online orders in a generic cardboard box, or basic packaging because they were able to be out experiencing life. But now that many GEOs are in lockdown, people need to have that relation and experience when they are receiving their packages. This is why we see a lot of our clients are putting more thought into the client’s experience from start to finish.

We offer our clients the flexibility to make their packages completely tailored to the customer. For example; We know what which GEO the package is being sent to, can we tailor the inerts to be in their language, instead of a booklet with multiple languages. It may seem like a simple act but shows the brand cares and knows their customer. 


What is the vision for The Fulfillment Lab in 2021?

We are integrating a piece of hardware that will allow us to do a full colour print on our packaging onsite warehouse floor, and tailor the shipment based on the criteria our client has provided by 2021. Our clients will no longer need to bulk buy packaging, so no more buying 10x 5000 different boxes and then manage the inventory, we can do this for them on-site for multiple profiles, reducing the upfront costs and inventory issues. 

This is unique to The Fulfillment Lab, no other competitors to our knowledge offer this. 


Why/how is partnering with Advidi beneficial for our clients?

When you look at the core function of a fulfillment company, shipping orders out, we rely on historical data when it comes to our forecasting.  

Because of this, we rely on and collaborate with our partner Advidi because they are generating information about the product and consumer behavior, helping us forecasting estimates for traffic volume. 

This information is viable for our clients so they don’t find themselves in back order situations.

A solid partnership is always beneficial for all parties and important to business success.  


About The Fulfillment Lab:

The Fulfillment Lab is dedicated to your specific ecommerce fulfillment needs.  We aim to provide full management services to assist you in shipping products quickly, efficiently, and accurately while maintaining inventory levels.  The Fulfillment Lab works closely with your business and eliminates the difficulties with logistics.

The Fulfillment Lab offers a wide variety of services in our secured facility ranging from design and printing services, custom packaging, warehousing/shipping, to real time inventory.  Our dedicated team-members will work side by side with you to ensure a custom-tailored solution that will best serve your needs.

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