With specialists that have between 15 years and 35 years of experience, it’s no wonder commercial collection agency Tucker Albin & Associates is a leader in the industry. 

We sat down with the Director of Business Development for the Commercial Collection Agency and Commercial Debt Recovery, Michael Vela to get an inside scoop on what’s happening within the industry, what they are forecasting for the future and how they are keeping competitive in the market. 

Tucker Albin & Associates was founded in 2008, what was your vision behind the company? 

Over the past few decades, commercial debt collection has evolved into multiple branches, including dialer automation, demand letter sequences, and constant phone calls requesting to pay without any deadline or consequences. TAA’s goal was to keep the live person interaction intact while others went to a more cost efficient, yet less effective role in order to maximize profit. Our intentions were to hire the most talented individuals who are capable of putting our clients at the top of the priority list of vendors to get paid and compliment them with top tier commissions in accordance with industry standards.

In a continuously changing market, how do you plan for the future?

TAA continuously looks at trends in multiple industries and accommodates for influx, plateaus, and declines in order to capitalize on the markets needing the most assistance. As far as future predictions, several of our experienced personnel watch changes in different stocks as well as new entrepreneurial ideas introduced to the market, including Bitcoin, ApplePay, etc. This allows our firm to stay ahead of the game while maintaining our Core Competency.

How does Tucker Albin & Associates stand out from your competitors in the market?

As said before, several commercial collection agencies have evolved towards automated technology in order to decrease overhead and maximize profit. Tucker Albin has maintained its focus to allow human interaction to capitalize on collecting money. It has been our experience that people who owe money tend to appreciate interacting with another human as opposed to an automated system. And while the cost may seem more from a commission standpoint, the difference in our client’s net recovery has been exponentially beneficial. (For Example: $100K @ 15% w/ $40k collected (automated) = $34k return vs. $100k @ 25% w/ $55k collected (human interaction) = $41,250 return)

What is trending in your industry right now?

Currently, companies are finding the Covid-19 is an incredible excuse to avoid paying creditors. However, a majority of the debts were incurred well before the virus was exposed.

In our recent studies, the affiliate marketing industry has been built over strong relationships that many could trust. What we have found is that over time, several new companies have entered the market in order to take advantage of the current trend. This has brought more debt at a faster pace, which means more risk for our clients. The combat to this issue has been most successful when we are able to go after them sooner than later.

How does partnering with Tucker Albin beneficial for our clients?

With Tucker Albin, you get an honest company with distinguished morals and several connections as a partner. At the end of the day, this allows your clients to worry less about collections and focus more on selling their product, which in turn drives revenue and profit. 


About Tucker Albin & Associates:

Commercial collection agency, specializing in contingency-based, commercial debt recovery, commercial asset recovery and commercial debt collection services for business owners. Our commercial debt collection specialists have between 15 years and 35 years of experience.

Collect debt owed to your company faster and more effectively than you ever thought possible by leveraging our team of professional debt collection agents and our vast network of attorneys specializing in commercial debt collections.

For more information, contact Michael Vela on 

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