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When used effectively, email marketing can be one of the most effective weapons in an affiliate marketer’s arsenal, but only if you can avoid the spam folder.

Spam filters are notoriously unforgiving, and on average 73% of emails get labeled as spam. At Advidi, we’ve found that sender reputation, content quality and user engagement are the 3 main factors that influence whether you’re sitting pretty in the inbox, or discarded to the spam black hole, unopened for eternity.

Just as spam filter algorithms and customers are getting smarter every day, so must you. If you want to keep your domain’s reputation high and your emails read, you’ll need to follow Advidi’s top 10 tips.


1. Avoid Purchased Email Lists.

Purchasing email lists and firing out thousands of emails is a very tempting way to get the ball rolling as an email marketer, but you are asking for trouble.

Algorithms being used by Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are way too smart for this tactic. The email addresses on these lists are full of red flags. It’s a sure way to get sent straight to spam and have your domain’s reputation score ruined.


2. Ask Subscribers To Whitelist You.

It seems obvious, but an effective way of avoiding the spam folder is by asking your subscribers to whitelist your email address. This could be a simple 1 or 2 lines at the beginning of your welcome email.

Instruct them to add your “From” address to their contacts, and you’ll head straight to their inbox from then on.


3. Validate Your Email List.

It’s no secret that when potential leads are filling out information, they sometimes give fake email addresses. If those are added to your email list and used, it can damage your domain and make it more likely that your emails will end up in spam.

We recommend that you validate your email list on a regular basis to ensure that you are not affecting your domain’s reputation by constantly sending to fake email accounts.

This can be done pretty easily with email validation software that you can find for free online, like Zero Bounce.


4. Follow The Format.

There is a tried and tested format that loads quickly, is visually appealing, works on all devices and is generally preferred by ISPs. We try to stick to this format at Advidi, and if you do too it will give your emails the best chance of success.

  • Keep your email width between 600px and 800px.
  • Keep your code clean and light.
  • Avoid Javascript and Flash.
  • Make sure your emails are mobile friendly.
  • Choose fonts that are cross platform and easily legible.
  • Follow HTML best practices.
  • Include an unsubscribe button.
  • Don’t send attachments.


5. Warm Up Your Domain.

If you create a fresh email account and the first thing it does is send out 10,000 identical emails, that’s going to ring some alarm bells. A great way to improve your legitimacy as a domain is to warm up your email address.

This can be done by sending a few emails back and forth between other email addresses you know or have created.

That is time consuming to do manually, but thankfully there is free software like Woodpecker available that does it for you.


6. Language Matters.

Don’t use language that is too ‘salesy’. An overload of words like ‘free’, ‘sale’, ‘promotion’ or ‘special offer’ could trigger your email being labeled as spam.

It’s important to emphasize that these words shouldn’t be banned from your emails forever, just use them sparingly.

If you are unsure about some of the language you are using in your emails, see tip number 7…


7. Don’t Take Risks.

If you are an Advidi affiliate, you know that we are not averse to taking risks when the time is right, but email marketing isn’t the place. Our rule of thumb here is ‘if in doubt, take it out.’

If you are unsure whether certain content or actions might trigger the spam filter, play it safe.

All it takes is getting pulled once on some sketchy or risky activity, and the repercussions can be severe, long lasting and sometimes even fatal to your domain.

Always err on the side of caution when it comes to email marketing, because once your domain is slapped with that spam tag it’s a long way back.


8. Be Careful With Subject Lines.

Having the right email subject line is crucial. Not only in terms of passing the spam filter, but also as the first point of contact between your email and the receiver.

Using all capitals, misleading words or aggressive ‘salesy’ language in your subject line can have you heading for the spam folder fast.


9. Customize & Personalize.

It’s simple, but it works. Most email marketing tools enable you to begin each email with the receiver’s name or put a short personalized message at the start.

You can also target certain demographics within your email list. Sending different emails to different demographics based on things like age and sex will keep the content relevant.

Not only does this tip help you avoid the spam folder, we’ve found that it also dramatically increases your customers level of engagement with the email.


10. Quality Not Quantity.

If you are constantly bombarding your email list with an endless stream of uninteresting content in the hope that some will take the bait, stop now.

This approach ends in 2 ways. Either you annoy the lead so much that they label you as spam, or the algorithm does it for them as the emails aren’t being opened. Either way, you end up as spam.

Only send emails when you have something to say or offer. This way your emails have a purpose, are actually interesting to the receiver and your domain becomes trusted by the spam filters.



Always Remember…


When it comes to avoiding the spam folder, at Advidi we’ve found that high sender reputation score, quality content and user engagement are the foundations that all successful email campaigns are built on.

If you base your email content and strategy on our 10 tips, your email will trigger that all important phone notification instead of heading for the spam folder.

And when that notification pops up, it will be greeted with a tap, not a swipe.

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