AI at Advidi: Inside the AI Evolution with Jessica Betancourt

Advidi is stepping into the future with its new AI training initiative. We had the opportunity to chat with Jessica Betancourt, our AI Product Lead, about the motivations, goals, and impacts of this exciting program. Here’s a summary of our conversation, featuring key points and Jessica’s valuable insights.

Why AI Training?

Advidi’s decision to initiate a company-wide AI training is driven by the rapid advancements in artificial intelligence and the need to stay competitive. Jessica puts it simply, “AI is the present and the future, moving faster than most can keep up with, and the ones to make it are those who know how to adapt.”

The main goals of this initiative are to empower our team with data-driven decision-making, streamline operations, and deliver top-notch value to our partners and affiliates. By keeping our knowledge fresh and relevant, we can think outside the box and work more efficiently, driving continuous improvement and innovation.

What’s in It for You?

The AI workshops are designed to be accessible to all our employees, regardless of their prior knowledge of AI. Jessica emphasizes the importance of understanding AI basics and how they apply to Advidi’s business. “We want our teams positioned to leverage AI to crush our goals and stay in the lead,” she says. The training aims to give the team practical skills to automate tasks, do better research, and improve data management and analysis.

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Our Unique Spin

What sets our AI training apart is its tailored approach to the unique challenges and opportunities in performance marketing. Jessica proudly shares, “We’re crafting content and delivery methods that speak directly to the opportunities and obstacles we face.” This means the training is not just relevant but also highly impactful.

The feedback from the Advidi team has been overwhelmingly positive, with people across departments excited about the potential of AI. “Everyone’s curious, excited, full of ideas, and eager to experiment,” Jessica notes, highlighting the enthusiasm and innovative spirit the program has sparked.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

The AI workshops not only focus on individual learning but also foster cross-functional collaboration. By bringing together teams from different departments, we encourage innovative thinking and problem-solving. Jessica explains, “We promote creativity not just by saying it, but by doing it, creating the environment and infrastructure to allow it to thrive.”

This collaborative approach ensures that AI-related challenges are tackled collectively, leading to more effective and creative solutions.

Looking ahead, we’re planning to offer follow-up sessions and advanced training on specific AI applications, such as offer optimization, pricing analysis, media buying, and customer segmentation. “We’re not slowing down anytime soon,” Jessica assures, showing our commitment to ongoing education and staying on top of AI advancements.

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Tackling Concerns and Celebrating Wins

Addressing common misconceptions and concerns about AI is a crucial part of the training. Data security, compliance, and reliability are top priorities for us. Jessica explains that we take a proactive approach to data governance and ethical AI development. “We foster a culture of transparency and accountability,” she emphasizes, ensuring that AI implementations are trustworthy and reliable.

The impact of AI at Advidi is already visible and gaining momentum. Several projects are underway, set to foster both our internal and external operations. And this is just the start—more innovations are on the horizon. “There are a few projects in the works we’ll be sharing soon,” Jessica hints, highlighting Advidi’s ongoing commitment to leveraging AI for success.

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More to Come

The AI training initiative, led by Jessica Betancourt, is a forward-thinking move that positions the company at the cutting edge of the industry. By equipping our team with essential AI skills and fostering a culture of innovation and collaboration, we’re not just keeping up with the future—we’re shaping it.

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