Advidi Expands Dating Portfolio with Exclusive Offers in New GEOs

Dating affiliates

It’s an exciting time for Dating affiliates at Advidi – we’re taking our excellent conversion rates and EPCs and expanding them to cover new offers in sought-after GEOs around the world!

In addition to the offers you’re currently enjoying, we will open highly exclusive offers in select GEOs. While we may have a presence in some of these markets already, this new push will be filled with exclusive opportunity – and plenty of cap for the affiliates who hop aboard early.

What’s happening

We’ve identified a number of specific GEOs that are ideal for the Dating offers we’re planning to roll out. These offers have been tested for performance and are 100% exclusive to Advidi.

The full rollout will take time (we need to ensure that these offers will run like wildfire as soon as they go live), but we want you to get in on this ASAP so you can be fully prepared to claim as many conversions as possible.

This is our initiative and we expect it to grow quickly, so we’re looking to work long-term with affiliates who are interested in creating a stable, steadily growing conversion machine.

Here’s the plan

No need to wait. The expansion has already begun.

We’ve just launched brand-new exclusive offers in New Zealand and Canada (and many of you are already reaping the rewards).

Even better? We’ve already tested them (black-ops style) in the UK, AU and the Nordics. It’s been a huge success, which is why we’re now ready to share the expansion plan with you.

The next phase includes all-new opportunities in South Africa, Spain and Mexico. And that’s just the beginning!

Here’s the schedule:

Advidi Schedule

Dates are subject to change – stay in touch with your AM to get first access!

In case you aren’t convinced…

If you run Dating offers with us, you already know we always put our money where our mouth is. We only feel confident sharing this expansion plan because we know from real, tested results that these new exclusive offers are going to be some of our all-time top performers.

It’s tough to find offers that convert in these GEOs, for a number of reasons. Our offers take this into consideration and provide custom solutions for each market that drastically increase conversions.

There are a TON of people in these GEOs, and seeing as these offers will convert better than average, you can use this as a secure way to get set up for long-term success in these unsaturated markets.

These offers check all the boxes – most importantly, tons of cap (if not unlimited) and truly above-average EPCs.

Our AMs have been closely involved with the setup and rollout of these offers, so you can expect knowledgeable, accurate advice as you get them into high-performance mode.

Ready to take action? Go talk to your Dating AM and make a plan to get full value out of this exciting development!

P.S. if you’re not already in our network, apply here:

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