Game On! Advidi Expands to iGaming

About our expansion.

The excitement here at Advidi can be matched only by a bet-it-all-on-black moment in a Bond film, and although this venture isn’t nearly as risky, the rewards could be just as big.


When it comes to fostering a profitable relationship between affiliates and advertisers, we know how important it is to constantly analyze, optimize and improve. It’s how we’ve remained at the top of our game in Dating, Health & Beauty and Mainstream, and it’s a big part of the reason we’re choosing iGaming (Casino) as our fourth vertical.


If your eyes lit up like the Vegas strip at the sight of this headline, then contact us to get personalized advice on how we can help you find reliable, lucrative payouts for your iGaming traffic.

Advidi's Advegas Welcome to Advegas: a dicey evening of drinks, daring double-downs and difficult dilemmas at the Advidi office to celebrate the start of the new vertical iGaming (Casino).

Why iGaming?

When some of our major publishers expressed interest in growing across other verticals, we saw opportunity. We had been observing the high payouts, steady growth and endless offers that come with the iGaming vertical, so it was only a matter of determining how viable it could be within our model.


The first step was to bring on the right expertise. We hired a consultant with more than 15 years of experience in the vertical, along with a dedicated Senior BD Manager. This gave the iGaming proposition additional strength, but we still needed to be sure it would perform consistently. We set up an exploratory team to go beyond theoretics and get real results. The team spent months preparing, analyzing, discussing – and then it happened. We hit a few bursts of high payouts with very encouraging results. Our fourth vertical was born.


“Launching a new vertical is an emotional roller coaster,” said Roy Gonen, our Senior BD Manager for iGaming. “We spent months testing, during which we found the best-converting Casinos and iGaming operators, analyzed traffic quality and improved transparency on our tracking platform. There were difficulties at the beginning, of course, but we’ve found solutions and have a strong team and system in place to manage whatever comes next.”


We’re excited about the iGaming vertical for many reasons:

  • iGaming operators offer high payouts. We’re talking double, even triple that of other verticals, with varied CPA, CPL and lifetime value models to take advantage of;
  • It’s not going anywhere – in fact, it’s growing. iGaming is worth $40 billion a year, and more than 50,000 online operators are serving customers across the world;
  • The offers are nearly endless. Hit a cap? Your affiliate manager will help you quickly transition to the next big money-maker;
  • We have a network of dedicated FB, POP and native traffic already in place;
  • Affiliates have the unique opportunity to earn exclusive, personalized offers – this helps them gain a competitive edge while also improving lifetime value for the advertiser;
  • Tracking and integration are easily managed, with impressive visibility for all stakeholders.



Roulette Wheel Hold your bets! Romy, Patrick and Mark had solid luck at the roulette wheel, while Tim (of Tim’s Fun Casino) kept the action going.

Opportunity at every table

Our iGaming network covers numerous sub-verticals within iGaming, ensuring a constant stream of high-converting offers. The growing list includes:


  • Slots
  • Live games
  • Poker
  • Sports betting
  • Bingo
  • Table games
  • Scratch cards


And that’s just the beginning. As we grow, we’ll begin delivering more exclusive offers to affiliates while ensuring the best possible lifetime value for advertisers. It’s a great time to join.

Blackjack Ending up on the wrong side of 21 is never fun, something Mikey, Marlou and Stefan learned that the hard way. The money was fake, but the bitter disappointment wasn’t.

Gain the competitive advantage

Not everything has to be a gamble when it comes to iGaming. By joining Advidi in this new vertical, you’ll get the closest thing to a sure bet in the industry. Using our dedicated FB, POP and native traffic sources, we’ve leveraged the knowledge and experience gained from our success in launching other verticals to iGaming, which means you’ll get the same dedicated support in the industry from day one.


Advidi Casino Good thing we weren’t playing with real money, or else the fake kidney Jan-Willem lost would’ve been a much bigger problem.

Earn passive income with our Referral Commission Scheme

Our Referral Commission Scheme is applicable to the iGaming vertical, as well as our other verticals. All active and inactive affiliates are eligible to refer applicants. It’s simple: refer someone you trust as a new affiliate and you’ll receive a 2% commission for a year (calculated via Cake costs). Based on average revenues for new affiliates, 10 referrals will result in a payout of $20,000 over the course of the year. As usual, some additional terms and conditions apply, so get in touch with your affiliate manager to get all the details.

Let’s go to the Casino

Whether you’re new to Advidi or an existing partner looking to diversify with this exciting new vertical, contact us. There is an opportunity for everyone. Let’s get to iGaming and start cashing in!

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