HOW THEY MANAGED TO OUTSMART THE REST: Win Kings of Advidi 2021 by learning from the best affiliates

What is Kings of Advidi?

Kings of Advidi is an affiliate competition that brings the most talented and creative affiliates from all over the world to one place. It tests every skill the affiliates have: creativity, willpower, persistence and ambition. 

To make sure the competition is not about “the deepest pocket”, we added points boosters that can outsmart your competitors just like that. 

This year, following the general theme around the event, we introduced the 5 Element Cards that can help you blow away the competition and increase the chance to win. 

Some of the affiliates are actively using them, and guess what? They are way ahead of the rest. We’ve looked into some of these examples and made case studies to help you learn new tricks.

You can thank us later in person when we will celebrate all together in Amsterdam!



In the Nutra category, the competitor Dominator has kept the #1 spot for 4 weeks running. That’s impressive! 

We know that a lot of hard work goes into achieving this, however, the Dominator is also being strategic. They have used the Air Card each week to keep themself ahead of the rest. his card gives double points for using the special offers. The list of special offers is being sent to you every two weeks. Sending traffic to any of those gives you two points instead of the regular one. 

The Dominator has their eyes set firmly on the prize because, in week 3, they also used the Fire Card which boosted their points by 10%. This card follows the week-to-week growth of the affiliate. If your revenue is higher than the previous cycle of two weeks, you’ll receive 10% extra points on top of the regular ones.  

They didn’t stop there though, the Dominator also managed to beat their personal record with Advidi. This way they activated the Metal card and got 30% extra points.  This truly cemented them as a player to beat. To remind you, when you applied we informed you what was your most successful month with Advidi ever. Beating this personal record within the two months of the competition gives you 30% extra points on top of the regular points. 

Again, impressive work Dominator!



There is a booster battle happening in the iGaming category. So far throughout the competition, two competitors have both been using the Air Card each week and it’s making for a neck and neck battle. 

After swapping between 1st and 2nd position over the past weeks, one of them played the Fire Card in week 3 and that extra 10% pushed their points to firmly secure their spot in 1st place. 

That top spot is theirs….for now!



The Dating category fired up last week when competitor, Lootseller, played a trio of Element Cards and shot from 7th to 4th place in just four days. 

Loostseller used the Air and Fire Cards to make the power move, however, it was the third card Loosteller played that pushed them that little bit further, which was the Metal Card, beating their Advidi personal record and gaining 30% additional points. Smart move! We’re hoping to see the next jump to be in the first place!

There are two other cards in play: The Water Card and the Earth Card. With the former, you earn extra points if you diversify your traffic between Dating and Non-Dating verticals. With the latter, you earn additional points if you refer new affiliates to our network. You can find all the details about them in this blog post. 

Don’t leave it too late, now is the time to get play a little more strategically and move strides ahead of the competition. 


You can always speak with your AM about the boosters, or head over to our blog page to learn how to use each Element Card to your advantage.



Kings of Advidi is the biggest affiliate event not only on earth, but we’re also going to celebrate in the air, by the water, surrounded by fire and crushing metal and you don’t want to miss the biggest year yet – but move fast if you want a real chance.

Your revenue from the beginning of the contest will be counted retroactively, but you will not earn any boosters until you’ve signed up for the contest.

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