Our clients are unique, so we treat them uniquely.

In 2018 we launched the Advidi Private Collection as part of our elite loyalty program.  This is our bespoke way to show our clients just how much we respect our relationship with them.

Each year, we commission an artist to create a piece that represents the industry in its current form. But put your credit card away because you can’t purchase these anywhere, we only have 100 copies commissioned specifically for our top clients. 

Now in its second year, we are proud to launch 2019 Private Collection artwork by local Dutch artist Eric van den Boom, Let’s Grow Together.

Why ‘let’s grow together’ you ask, well whilst we are based in the digital hub of Amsterdam, our mission stands that wherever you are in the world, Advidi will grow with you. The 2019 collection captures this.

We are continuously designing experiences for our clients, so it made sense to bring an artful touch and fresh energy to a loyalty program. 

Are you enticed? Do you want to see what’s inside the custom Advidi black box?

Watch our unboxing video below.



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