Kai’s in the kitchen

Kai’s in the kitchen

Advidi has a new company chef on board! His name is Kai, who has over 12 years of culinary experience. Kai is serving up diverse healthy dishes to fuel our hungry Advidi team.
Starting out at culinary school when he was 16, he worked his way up to cooking at some of the top award winning restaurants in Holland. Now he’s ready to take the next step in his career and switch things up with being able to make his own menu here at our office. He knows how to create some mean dishes from of all different types of cuisine such as: Italian, Surinam, Indonesian and more. His motivation comes from people giving feedback on his dishes and not to mention endless amounts of compliments. Kai also has a side business called King Kai’s Brute Broodjes which translated in English means “Kai’s Big Sandwiches”. He takes pride in creating massive, delicious “broodjes” that have many levels of flavors. Besides cooking, Kai loves to DJ and enjoying the young, inspiring vibe of Amsterdam.

Kai’s Favorite….

– Dish to cook – Risotto
– Guilty pleasure – Kapsalon which is typical Turkish dish which has is a combination of thinly shredded meat, fries, cheese and garlic sauce
– Healthy ingredient – Avocado
– Inspirational chef – Gordon Ramsay, Thomas Keller
– Amsterdam restaurant – Baut (best curry dish)
– Ingredients to work with – Garlic, tabasco, parmesan and truffle

Stay tuned for Kai’s daily recipes and lunch ideas. Soon – Kai’s own blog.


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