The Kings of Advidi prize has been revealed

Who will sit atop the throne?

That’s the question on everyone’s minds here at Advidi… and by the beginning of April – less than three weeks from today – we’ll have our answer.

Months of turmoil and intense competition will conclude with the crowning of the new Kings of Advidi.

Of course, that’s just the beginning. Once the winners are announced, preparation for their glorious coronation begins.

It’s going to be the most royal reward we’ve ever given.

Here’s what a prize fit for a king looks like:

1. Round-trip flight tickets to Amsterdam

How else will you get here? We’ll pay for your flight – wherever you are in the world!

2. Luxury hotel accommodation at INK Hotel for 3 nights

Ink Hotel Amsterdam

Photo from: Ink Hotel Amsterdam


The luxurious INK Hotel will act as your palace for the duration of your trip. You’ll enjoy an executive room in this “bohemian lifestyle” hotel set in the center of the city, near the Advidi office.

We chose INK Hotel for a few reasons:

  • They’ve been fantastic hosts to our previous Advidi contest winners
  • The design and feeling you get from it are a great representation of Amsterdam
  • The amenities are top-notch, including a gym and breakfast at their restaurant
  • It’s right in the middle of the action, offering easy access to the whole city
  • The executive rooms are equipped with a working area, perfect for checking stats 🙂

It all adds up to a truly royal experience – you earned it!

3. Massive King’s Day celebration with Advidi


King’s Day is the largest celebration in the Netherlands, making it one of the most energetic (and orange) events in the world. It marks the king’s birthday… and of course, is a perfect setting for the Kings of Advidi coronation.

We’ll rent out a canal-side party spot in the middle of the action, along with a private boat for up-close canal cruising. The day will be complete with a DJ, drinks, a BBQ, lots of sights to see, and the entire Advidi team… oh, and of course, we’ll also make sure you’re dressed for the occasion.

Show up prepared for an unforgettable experience…

4. Exclusive in-depth workshops and content, led by James van Elswyk

James Van Elswyk has had a crazy journey – starting as a one-man affiliate and rapidly growing to a company with 30 full-time employees (Purple Leads).

James van Elswyk

Most recently, he moved to Israel to be closer to a Facebook office, where he trained a team of media buyers. After just one year, they’re spending up to a million a month on Facebook and native ads.

He’ll use that vast experience to lead you through a hands-on workshop tailored to your specific business needs. James is notorious for a “no fluff” approach, which means he’s going to focus strictly on “copy and paste” techniques you can use right away, along with specific answers to your tough questions backed by his million-dollar experience.

James will be backed up by two Advidi representatives, each giving detailed talks on their area of specialty – a takeaway you won’t find anywhere else.

You can expect:

  • Hard-hitting truths about media buying
  • Raw experiences (and the lessons learned from them)
  • Inside information that’s typically sold at a high price (or never shared in the first place)
  • Answers to your burning, specific questions
  • Behind-the-scenes discussions that can only take place among Kings

It ought to be the most valuable day of learning you’ll experience all year – because it’s all focused on you and your business!

5. Party at The Loft at A’dam Tower


Hey, you’re the Kings, right?

You deserve the highest honor possible – literally!

From its sky-high perch atop the A’dam Tower, The Loft is one of the only places that oversees the entire city. Its luxurious setting and unique location make it the most sought-after party location in all of Amsterdam…

And you’re going to be there!

The whole Advidi team will join you as we enjoy drinks and breathtaking views from the “gezellig” (Dutch for chill/calm/cozy/whatever you need it to be) setting of a private party.

Do we need to say more? No. Just win the contest and be there!

Are you ready to win?

This prize is the full package – aside from the main events, we’ll have plenty of fun in between. Everything will be taken care of by Advidi – you just need to show up ready for an unforgettable experience.

After all, that’s what this is all about. Sure, material gifts are nice. But we believe the real crown jewels are the memories we’ll create together. Every celebration we’ve thrown in the past has held up to this standard, with participants talking about it for years to come.

Now, there’s just one last step to claiming this prize for yourself – ensure victory!

We recently revealed the best ways to get ahead in the competition, and there’s still plenty of time left to usurp the throne (or ward off would-be claimants, depending on your position).

We hope to see you in April…

(Oh, what’s that? You haven’t signed up for Kings of Advidi yet?? Hurry up and join now – you can still get credit for your traffic since the beginning!)

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