Kings of Advidi 2024: Mid-Race Boosters and Strategies

Three weeks into the adrenaline-fueled Kings of Advidi 2024, the competition is heating up! While the race is well underway, there’s still plenty of track left to conquer. We’re here to ensure your campaign continues at full throttle with our collection of mid-race boosters, designed to supercharge your journey to the top. Here’s how you can leverage the remaining boosters to outpace, outmaneuver, and outshine the competition:


02 refuel

Gear up for a point surge with our Pit Stop Power-Up. This booster is your pit crew, ready to refuel your campaign and push you beyond your best. If you break your personal Advidi record, you’ll fuel your success with an additional 30% points. Imagine smashing a track record like $80k and claiming an extra 24 points. You have a 2-month window to surpass your peak performance and make your mark. G


03 spoiler drop

Feel the intensity with Spoiler Tilt Velocity. This booster keeps the competition dynamic, spanning four engaging cycles, each lasting two weeks. If your revenue surpasses the previous cycle’s, brace yourself for a **10% increase in earned points**. This is your chance to adapt, outperform, and secure your lead with every cycle.


04 tire

Stay in high gear with the Turbocharged Tire Change! Make sure to keep an eye on your inbox every second Thursday for our special newsletter. Steering traffic to the featured offers will net you double points for the two calendar weeks that follow. This booster is the perfect tactic to accelerate your points and outmaneuver the competition.

4. POLE POSITION PRESTIGE  (No Longer Available)

01 pole positionNO LONGER

Although this booster is no longer in play, we’ve seen remarkable performances from affiliates who took advantage of this early race advantage. If you’ve secured your spot by signing up before the 1st of January, you’re already enjoying the benefits. Current Advidi affiliates who registered early received an extra 5 points, and newcomers were awarded 10 points. This strategic early move has positioned you ideally for the ongoing race to victory.


Keep Your Momentum

As we advance through Kings of Advidi 2024, remember that every decision and every day counts. The boosters are here to magnify your efforts and sharpen your competitive edge. Embrace the spirit of the race, strategize with precision, and push your performance to the limit.

The race is on, and the throne is within reach. Keep your engines roaring, your strategies evolving, and your eyes on the prize. See you at the finish line.

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