My life through pictures: Mark

About Mark

Mark works for Advidi as a Team Lead and Senior Business Development Manager since May 2015. He has many years of experience in online marketing and gaming.

During his day at the office, apart from working closely with the Dating team and the VPs, you can see him interviewing new talents. Mark enjoys the little things in life and chooses 5 pictures to tell us why.


1. Life is better under palm trees


I spent some months of my life at a place full of palm trees – Venice, Los Angeles. I lived and worked there for 5 months roughly, sent by a company I used to work for. I enjoyed every moment being close to Venice beach and the amazing Santa Monica pier. As a real Dutchie, I visited many of the pubs on Washington Avenue. Living and working abroad was a unique experience that I won’t forget. Being in a diverse international environment is also something I like a lot at Advidi.

2. Life is like a camera, you need to capture the good times


Traveling is a way of life and learning for me. It’s much more than seeing the tourist attractions; it’s about having new experiences, learning new cultures and developing myself. When I travel, I enjoy trying new tastes and local dishes. Apart from that, I spend a lot of time taking pictures of landscapes, people and animals.

Mark Advidi traveling

3. Life sometimes can be like a movie


When I was studying Marketing and Communications at the University of Amsterdam, I used to work as a movie operator at Tuschinski cinema in Amsterdam. This is where I met my wife. Tuschinski theater dates back to the 1920’s and it’s considered one of the most beautiful cinemas in the world. The Art Deco style with which it’s decorated gives the feeling that you step into an illusionary world. This place is still one of my favorites in Amsterdam.

4. Love is life


I met my wife in college, but we got married in 2013. This picture is from our wedding party. My wife, Marija is a teacher of English. Recently, we moved to Haarlem with our son. I’d been living in Amsterdam for 25 years, but now I enjoy a less hectic lifestyle in this quiet Dutch town. It feels nice to be closer to the beach. We both have a thing for the seaside.

Mark and Marija

5. Family makes you realise how beautiful life is


This is my son, Milo, he’s only 2 and a half years old. Every time I return home after work, this little guy is waiting for me. Thus, I make sure that my free time and weekends are devoted to him as much as possible. We like doing things together, our favorite is playing with Legos. Sometimes he comes to visit me at the office. He shakes it up trying to explore it and meet everybody.

Mark Advidi

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