My Life Through Pictures: Job

This is Job

Job is always optimizing. Whether he’s picking a new stock, remodeling his home or feeding his pig (yup), Job is constantly calculating outcomes – striving for that perfect balance between immediate benefit and long-term reward.

This is great for us here at Advidi, seeing as he’s our Business Controller. But what about daily life? Does Job ever take a break from optimizing performance in every sense? Are all “finance guys” just robots in disguise, or do they also have lives off the clock?! Let’s find out…

Although he asked to tell his story through spreadsheets, we forced Job to dig up a few photos that tell a more complete story. Take it away, Job!

Job Advidi

1. Opposites attract

My girlfriend Anouk is proof that opposites attract – she’s pretty much everything I’m not. While I work in finance and generally think in numbers and objective sets of data, she works in HR and always considers the human side of every situation. (She’s also a very good cook… which I’m not.)

She’s caring, sweet and wants the best for everybody. I’ll be honest – that’s not always my goal. I’m more of a protector, focusing on the interests of those close to me.

This makes us a great team. We complement each other brilliantly, and we’re constantly learning from each other. Of course, this is not to say we don’t share plenty of interests and hobbies – we love to ski, go hiking and generally explore the outdoors. I love her and can’t imagine a better match. Which leads me to my next photo…

Job Advidi

2. Meet Pux Aevy van der Zwet!

This is the natural result of my first photo… Pux was born on 20 September 2018, and my life has changed completely ever since. I’ve discovered new competencies about myself – for example, I never knew I had patience (Anouk has plenty).

The first moment I saw my daughter, I realized that nothing would be the same. I remember thinking: “Holy $%@#… what do I have to do now?!” But one look at Anouk holding Pux made that sense of fear disappear – it was replaced with joy and excitement for our future.

Having a child completely shifts your mindset about life. I want all the best for her. It’s a strange feeling to realize that you’re no longer #1 in your own life. My primary purpose is now to make sure she’s happy, a good person. As a controller, you set targets and later on control the numbers and measure performance against these targets. Controlling and planning is no longer possible at home – Pux dictates basically everything. That requires other competencies. In some ways, you could say that having a child is also a really nice growing and development opportunity.

And yes, I’m a bit tired. But so what? I can’t think of a better reason for fatigue.

Job Advidi

3. Family and friends are essential

Although family will always be most important, I’ve always had a strong network of friends. We share much of our lives – from discussing feelings to overcoming challenges and reflecting on what we’ve accomplished and what lies ahead of us. My friends are a mix of childhood pals and new faces, which I like.

The best part about having an extensive network of friends is all the memories we’ve made together. Sometimes it’s low-key stuff like having beers, going out, weekend city trips, making boy band photos, etc. Sometimes we go on extended trips or deal with major issues. Having good friends is always an adventure, especially if you’re willing to invest time in the relationship.

It’s great to have connections that don’t require constant maintenance as well. I’ve had friends that went off on their own paths, but when we reconnect, it’s like no time has passed at all. And along the way, I’ve discovered new friends at every point along my path.

Job Advidi

4. I love the outdoors

The season doesn’t matter! Warm weather, cold weather, mountaintops, valleys, on foot, on skis… I love being outdoors. As they say in Scandinavia: “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes.” (This doesn’t mean I’m some sort of Bear Grylls, but I’m definitely an all-weather guy.)

On top of that, many of my outdoor activities give me a chance to exercise my analytical side. For example, I’m really into mountaineering… however, I use my professional skills to properly assess risk, run through scenarios, plan properly and set reasonable goals. (I’m not about to take on Everest or the K2 next week…)

I enjoy challenging myself and have great respect for those who push themselves. I believe pushing yourself physically leads to discovering your true inner self. In fact, I’d love to bring Wim Hof to the Advidi office someday – I think you can learn valuable lessons from pushing yourself that also apply to business.

Job Advidi

5. Meet Henk: 40kg of pure love

Henk just showed up one day. Not on his own accord – friends brought him as a (very surprising) gift for Anouk about 4 years ago, and BAM… we had a piglet. He’s been with us ever since.

I’ll admit that it’s a bit strange having a pig, but he’s incredibly sweet (and hungry). Not only is he adorable, but he’s also quite sociable. He loves to be cuddled and hang out with us in the garden.

He keeps on growing, and so does his shelter. His diet consists almost entirely of Advidi leftovers. That means we not only avoid waste at the office, but we get to spoil Henk with delicious meals all the time. It’s a win-win.

Although Henk may be the older brother, he’s happy to have another 4-legged critter wandering around lately and doesn’t appear to be jealous of the little one. We’re growing into quite the family and I couldn’t be more proud.

So! Now you know all about Job – this spreadsheet clearly contains many tabs!

That means there’s only one thing left for this pun-happy, non-Dutch-native copywriter to do…. and come on, you must know it’s coming…

Good Job!!!

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