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Advidi Referral Commission Scheme

The Advidi Referral Commission Scheme is one of the easiest ways to supplement your income – after taking a few moments to refer a friend, the benefits start adding up without you needing to lift another finger. It’s simple: if you know someone who can benefit from our products and services, refer them to us and you’ll earn 2% on the revenue they make within our network for a period of one year beginning from the moment they sign up.

The extra earnings start small and get big quickly. Assuming you bring in 10 referrals, you’ll earn an additional $20,000 for the year. Of course, that’s based on average monthly revenues for new affiliates in their first three months; with our help, that number will grow throughout the year, making you and your friend happy. You can also refer as many affiliates as you like, so there’s no limit to what you can earn.

The process is simple:

  1. Find the unique affiliate referral link in your CAKE dashboard.
  2. Send it to the person you’re referring and have them sign up through that link.
  3. You’ll start receiving a 2% commission throughout the course of 1 year beginning from the moment the referred affiliate’s application is approved.

Referral Link image Affiliate dashboard in CAKE

Who can refer a candidate

All Advidi affiliates and advertisers (active or inactive) can refer a new affiliate. Even if you don’t work with us or are not operating in our four primary verticals, you’re still eligible to get commission for referred affiliates.

Note for advertisers (and those without a currently active affiliate account): If you would like to refer someone, let your Advidi representative know. They will open an account for you with a unique link.

Our verticals

We are currently accepting affiliates who work in Dating, Health & Beauty, iGaming and Mainstream. When referring candidates, keep in mind that our strongest niches are:

  • Mobile and Adult Content
  • LeadGen and CC Submits
  • iGaming, Sports Betting, Slots and Social Gaming
  • Sweepstakes, Utilities, Surveys and Freebies
  • Diet, Skin, Muscle, Hair, Brain and Male Enhancement
  • Adult Dating and Mainstream Dating

Terms and important details

  1. 2% commission is calculated based on Cake costs.
  2. A $500 threshold is required each month to activate the commission for that month.
  3. The commission is paid monthly on net30 terms (regardless of your current terms for other payments).
  4. Fraud detected on behalf of either party (referring affiliate or referred affiliate) will nullify the referring affiliate’s right to this commission and will result in the termination of the commission agreement. Discovery of fraudulent traffic is grounds for complete dismissal from our network.
  5. This Referral Scheme is based on one level of commission.

Start spreading the word

We will extend the same great support to your referrals that we extend to you, which means you can expand your portfolio and reputation with confidence while earning additional income at the same time. If you haven’t worked with us before, then there’s no better time to start benefitting from our hands-on service and exclusive offers. Start spreading the word!

If you have any questions, get in touch!

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