REVEALED: Feast Your Eyes On The Kings of Advidi Prize!

Who will claim the throne?!

We’re now well into the second half of our biggest affiliate competition, and everyone at the Advidi office is eagerly tracking the ever-changing Kings of Advidi leaderboard… we can’t wait to find out which of you will be joining us in Amsterdam this April!

But wait… what, exactly, will you be doing when you get here?

Yup. You know it, baby.

It’s time to reveal the 2019 Kings of Advidi prize!

We’ve listened carefully to feedback from previous years, and we’re excited to announce that this year’s Royal Treatment will be the most rewarding edition ever. From fun and games to intense business discussions and delicious dinners, we’ve got everything covered. Check it out!

1. Round-trip Flight to Amsterdam

First up, getting here. No matter where you are in the world, we’ll bring you here to our home town (unless, of course, you want to cycle here – that’s fine too).

2. Luxury Accommodation at Soho House

Your Royal Palace for the trip will be at Soho House – a private members club created as a home away from home for people in the creative industries, located in the historical Bungehuis on the Spuistraat.

If (or should we say when?) you win Kings of Advidi, you’ll join the creative community at this members-only location for 4 days. Soho House normally has an application process, but as an Advidi guest, you’ll breeze through the doors to enjoy the members-only area, the rooftop swimming pool, gym, House Kitchen restaurant and screening room.

Founded in London in 1995, Soho House & Co has since opened clubs across Europe, North America and Asia, as well as restaurants, cinemas, workspaces, spas and bedrooms. Their values are a reflection of a belief we all share: when you get like-minded people together in an inspiring setting, amazing things can happen.

3. Business Day with Exclusive Content

In our industry, there’s a fine line between “work” and “play” – for many of us, talking business is just as enjoyable as getting smashed at the pub (and the hangovers are much more profitable).

That’s why we’re reserving time for exclusive content and workshops from Stephen Lucas and Ben Opsahl. We’re setting this day up to give you maximum value, no matter which vertical you’re running.

Stephen Lucas is a long-time industry leader and the current head of Advidi’s US Operations. With experience on the advertiser, affiliate and network side, he understands all the key players and how they can best work together. He’ll reveal his learnings from running successful advertorials at scale, plus insights about the advertiser flow that could change the way you approach your business.

Ben Opsahl has been brutally cut in half by his love for two apparently contradicting fields: direct response and branding/content. Lucky for him, performance marketing is moving in a new direction… a world in which data-driven creativity is the gold standard. He’ll show you why your competition is practically blind when it comes to generating effective angles, plus how he sneaks direct response tactics into user-friendly performance content to maximize CTR, conversions and profitability.

4. Secret Activity

After filling your brain with ideas, we’ll make sure you fill your stomach with a gourmet lunch by our office chef, Kai… then it’s off to a secret event!

We’d tell you what you’re going to do, but that’s less fun. We will give you three hints:

  1. It will be challenging.
  2. It will be fun.
  3. It will only be a little bit dangerous.

This event will be a blast, and you probably won’t even sustain any permanent injuries! Probably. You will have to sign a waiver, though. (Seriously.)

5. Private Party #1 – King’s Night

Okay, so you survived the secret activity! Or, at least, those who remain will head back to the hotel for a brief respite (maybe grab a cocktail by the rooftop pool), then it’s time to PARTY!

You and your fellow Royalty will meet up with the whole Advidi team for a huge party at The Loft – the #1 hotspot for private parties in perhaps the entire country.

Overlooking all of Amsterdam, this sky-high location features breathtaking views and a hip vibe. (We held this party last year and got 100% positive feedback, so this offer is already proven to convert…)

Have fun and party hard, but be ready to wake up early for… yup, more partying!

6. Private Party #2 – King’s Day


On 27 April 2019, we’ve managed to convince the entire country of the Netherlands to celebrate just for you.

(Okay fine, they were going to celebrate anyway… but when we told them you were coming, they got extra excited.)

King’s Day is the largest annual holiday in the Netherlands, taking place at the end of April every year. The entire city becomes a swarming sea of orange-clad Dutchies and tourists from around the country (and the world – Amsterdam receives between 600,000 and 1 million visitors on this day alone).

This time we’re taking you into the heart of the action. You’ll be captain of our King’s Day Boat, celebrating along the canals and lifting the spirits of your subjects as you go (or you can just spray beer all over them… you’re the king, whatever floats your boat).

Note: We’ll hook you up with some cool orange swag to wear so you’ll fit in perfectly.

7. Dinners, Lunches and Surprises

This prize is the full package – aside from the main events, we’ll have plenty of fun in between. Everything will be taken care of by Advidi – you just need to show up ready for an unforgettable experience.

On top of all this, we’ll keep finding ways to surprise you and improve your trip. As a King or Queen of Advidi, we want you to be comfortable and proud of your accomplishment.

If there’s ever anything you need while visiting us, don’t hesitate to contact your AM!

A Look Back

Previous years have been absolutely unforgettable – but just to be sure, we created these aftermovies. Check ‘em out to get inspired…

Kings of Advidi Aftermovie 2018

Advidi Adventure 2018

You Know the Prize – Now Here’s How to Win It

There’s just one last step to claiming this prize for yourself: Victory!

If you’re looking for a sneaky advantage, we suggest reviewing the Elixirs. These point powerups can give you the edge you need to win – in fact, last year more than HALF of the winners were determined by these bonuses. (They wouldn’t have come if they hadn’t earned bonus points.)

Check out the Elixirs and see which ones you can use to claim the top spot in your category (and keep it).

Oh, and if you’re serious about winning this prize, be sure to tell your AM right away. Chances are good they want you to win too, and they’ll do whatever they can to help you out.

Good luck everyone – and to a small group of you: Seeya in April!

Join Kings of Advidi

Haven’t joined our biggest affiliate contest yet? No sweat – you still have a chance. All active affiliates are encouraged to join, and you’ll earn points for all the traffic you’ve sent since the contest began.

There are still a few weeks left, too, so you still have a chance to use the Elixirs if you play your cards right. Don’t delay!



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