Smooth Sailing: Tracking Advidi Offers with Voluum

A solution that will just work

The abundance of ad trackers in the affiliate marketing sphere may create the illusion that choosing one platform over the other is merely an aesthetic choice. That all of them do basically the same thing (true) in the same way (not true).


The reality is that beyond the contest for the prettiest UI there are some significant differences in the way these platforms approach data collection and presentation. Some are better suited for aggregating massive amounts of data, others for facilitating team collaboration. And some, very few – one – have it all.


If you are looking for a solution that will just work, always deliver and facilitate various working styles for tracking your juicy Advidi offers, look no more. Voluum is here to help you with your advertising efforts.

Meet up. 



Most advertisers need more or less the same thing: accurate tracking and conversion attribution. And this thing should be achievable with ease. 


Voluum allows you to add Advidi as an affiliate network with one click. You don’t have to worry about tracking tokens or postbacks – everything is already configured. You can add affiliate networks and traffic sources like so and create campaigns from these building blocks like a Lego set.



From allowing you to add all campaign elements from one view to providing a library of the most useful auto rules, from colorful markers for marking significant portions of your traffic with icons, to AI-powered traffic distribution tools or controlling your campaigns from within Voluum – we allow you to reduce unnecessary work wherever possible. 


When customers were suggesting a useful shortcut… we added it. When they didn’t even realize how much tedious work could be saved with automation… we developed a whole separate module that can launch certain actions when set conditions are met. Because of this, affiliates can focus on important things, not jumping between tabs or constantly monitoring their campaigns to make sure that everything is alright.  If it’s not alright, we will notify you. If you want to pause a campaign, pause it in Voluum and the API integration with a traffic source will pass your command there.


We want to give you more time for the creative part. For designing the perfect strategy for advertising Advidi offers or for checking new offers. 



Whenever you hear some scary terms such as third-party cookies, or anti-tracking technologies…  log in to Voluum to soothe your nerves. Don’t let Voluum’s mountains of features fool you: Its main mission is to ensure that you never lose an ounce of your traffic and continue to work even if the marketing landscape around you changes.


We take pride in 100% server uptime since 2013.


The demise of third-party cookies? You don’t need to worry about that, Voluum doesn’t need those. 


A sudden influx of visitors? Our servers will handle anything you throw at them.



Advidi’s vast expertise comes from being a leading advertiser in the dating sphere as well as quality feedback and tailored payouts for users coming from its proprietary BI and pricing teams.


It has helpful and responsive support that will guide you along the way to becoming an expert and independent affiliate.


You can set up tracking of your Advidi offers in under five minutes. Just follow these few steps (or read the doc if you need more details):


  1. First, add the Advidi affiliate network to Voluum using a template and grab the predefined postback URL. The postback allows you to track conversions.
  2. Go to Advidi and find an offer you like.
  3. Paste the postback URL in the Testing & Tracking tab, to the Postback URL text field.
  4. Go to the Creatives tab and click Get link next to the creative. Advidi won’t leave you hungry for choice: they have over 20 creatives per offer and even can recommend you the best ones that meet your criteria.
  5. Copy the link to the clipboard.
  6. Add an offer in Voluum, select ‘Advidi’ as an affiliate network and paste this link to the Offer URL text field. The required parameters are shown below this text field. You can pass additional information, such as sources with the s1 parameter added to the offer URL. Advidi will then be able to give you feedback on the source level.


That wasn’t so long, was it? Did you manage to do it in under 5 minutes? It will get easier each time you do it.


Once you have an offer added in Voluum with an Advidi link in it, you can create a campaign in Voluum with this offer and use the campaign URL that Voluum will generate as a target URL in your traffic source platform.



Advidi specializes in Dating offers, although its portfolio of offers includes other verticals, such as Health & Beauty, Sweepstakes, Casino, Ecom and Antivirus. 


You can A/B test an offer yourself but you could let self-learning algorithms do this for you. Let’s look at how this works:


When creating a campaign in Voluum, you will notice the Traffic Distribution AI name in the UI. You can turn this feature on for testing several landers or offers. What happens next is that Voluum’s proprietary algorithms will start its learning phase, during which it will feed both offers with similar amounts of traffic and check the numbers automatically. 


When enough data is collected, the learning period ends, and Voluum’s AI will start distributing traffic in a way that ensures maximum profitability. So more higher-performing offers will get more traffic and the worse ones will get less (but all still receive some traffic in case something changes).


You can also test this manually by assigning different weights to each lander or offer. Or, if data from Voluum reports back such claims, you can create rule-based paths and send parts of your audience to one offer (for example, people using a specific brand of phone or coming from a concrete city) and the remaining part to the other. 



When choosing who to run your business with, it’s best to pick the people and companies with a proven success record and tradition. Both Advidi and Voluum meet these criteria perfectly. As a bonus, you can check the exclusive 30% discount for Advidi affiliates


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