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The first webinar of the Advidi Masterclass series, How to conquer the Dating vertical, revealed some very interesting questions from our viewers. 

We thought we’d share with you the top questions asked by affiliates, and what our experts responded during the webinar. 

Q. What are typical mistakes new affiliates do when testing dating offers?

I’d say you need to look at it with a long term perspective. It’s not like other verticals where you need to constantly worry about what Facebook or Google algorithms will do to you tomorrow. The Dating vertical is more stable, which is nice. But that means you need to have patience and grow your number of campaigns progressively over time. Don’t go for quick-fix solutions, they usually don’t end up well for your frontend or your payouts.

When you get a payout increase, don’t just scale up like crazy from the same few big campaigns by increasing bid or letting loose the cappings, that will probably ruin your payouts. We suggest you scale up traffic by starting new campaigns on different formats and traffic sources, this way you can get more of those good impressions across the board.

Don’t copy existing banners or prelanders you find in the spy tools, for one these are saturated already so you’re starting on the wrong foot. And second, you want to have an advantage by having something new creatives that people have not seen often before (and these can be just the same good old top creatives but with a few changes so they seem fresh).


Q. What is API traffic exactly? 

API traffic is a technical way of sending traffic which is a bit different from your typical way of media buying. We’re planning to do a webinar about API traffic in the near future, so stay tuned for that!

In short, the major benefit is that affiliates can create their own landing pages for higher conversion rates, and are not limited to the (high converting) landing pages that we provide. Advidi accepts all Dating traffic as long as it’s not fraudulent, of course. We have additional documentation in this regard on request. This is available for more advanced affiliates who have previous experience with API traffic.


Q. Which traffic sources do you recommend? Exoclick, Trafficjunky? Many of these have a lot of bot traffic and are oversaturated by large affiliates.

ExoClick and TrafficJunky are indeed two of the largest traffic sources out there and I’d still recommend you run with these as well, even if you’re just getting started. There’s no such thing as “uncharted territory” when you’re getting started so don’t look around for low hanging fruit, it doesn’t exist. 

I recommend that you run with the main and best known traffic sources (there’s a lot of pros of doing so in terms of platform features and traffic guarantees) and then focus on less competitive GEOs and formats. Don’t go after the most popular format in a given GEO, go for segments of the traffic (even down to language, dayparting, and other targeting settings) that are not as crowded or competitive and gather momentum to grow into the more competitive GEOs and formats eventually.


Q. Do images and creatives for Dating offers work well for some GEOs and not in others?

Definitely. Different GEOs have different audiences, different socio-demographic backgrounds, etc. You’ll see quickly as you test different banners on different GEOs that the performance is different per GEO or set of similar GEOs. There are some rules of thumb that people with experience know about but ultimately just make sure to test different banners for your traffic sources and follow the money.


Q. Will adding emojis raise the CTR?

Emojis can work pretty well actually. They’re especially effective in Native formats. But overall emojis are now part of how we all communicate and drive more attention than just words. If you’re using any kind of first person text or a messaging style copy, emojis drive more attention to your creative, make it look more natural and friendly, and overall can result in better CTRs.



Native Ads are successful because they don’t look like regular Ads. We had the opportunity to run two Native Ad Dating campaigns with a client to show the benefits of using a range of creatives to increase the CR on their offers.  You can download the case study here.


Q. What is the best format for lead quality you have ever tested?

When it comes to quality it’s not about the format but the audience. That being said, formats that require more proactive effort from the user (e.g. a click) tend to be better than those that interrupt the user by taking over the screen or appearing out of nowhere. Just visualize whether the user is choosing to go into your flow or they’re dragged down to it.

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