The Future of AI at Advidi: A Chat with our CTO Remon van Riemsdijk

Here at Advidi, we’re not just keeping up with the latest in AI technology—we’re leading the charge. We had the pleasure of sitting down with Remon, our CTO, to talk about the exciting ways we’re integrating AI into our operations and how it’s set to revolutionize affiliate marketing for both affiliates and advertisers alike.

A Vision for the Future

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Advidi’s movement into the world of AI began with a vision, sparked by our founder’s early recognition of AI’s potential back in 2022. Before the global noise around generative AI models like GPT took off, we were already exploring how AI could enhance our operations and, more importantly, how it could empower our partners.

Empowering Affiliates Through AI

One of the key areas we’re focusing on is optimizing affiliate funnels with AI. From banner ads to landing pages, we’re leveraging AI to dynamically improve conversion rates and streamline the affiliate marketing process. This not only helps affiliates in managing their campaigns more efficiently but also in crafting creatives that resonate with their target audience. The goal? To enable our affiliates to communicate more effectively, resulting in better outcomes for both them and the advertisers they work with.

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But our ambitions don’t stop there. We’re also exploring the potential of AI to offer additional services that could further boost affiliate success. Remon spoke about how AI enables us to process vast amounts of data quickly and efficiently, providing valuable insights into campaign performance and audience behavior. By offering real-time feedback and analysis, we’re enabling our partners to optimize their strategies and achieve better results for our affiliates’ campaigns.

Eureka Moments

During the conversation, Remon shared some “aha” moments that have propelled our AI initiatives forward. A particularly exciting development has been our AI-driven approach to handling affiliate feedback and inquiries.

We’ve implemented an AI system that not only speeds up the resolution of issues but also provides us with deeper insights into affiliate needs, enabling us to offer more tailored support. What once took hours of manual effort can now be accomplished in mere seconds, thanks to AI’s predictive analysis capabilities.

What’s Next?

Looking to the future, we have several projects in the pipeline that promise to further integrate AI into our operations. One such initiative is the development of an affiliate chatbot. This tool will allow affiliates to get quick answers to their questions, freeing up our team to focus on providing deeper, more strategic support. It’s not just about automating interactions; it’s about enriching the support ecosystem for our affiliates.

The Human Touch

Our commitment to AI doesn’t mean we’re moving away from the human touch that’s been central to our success. Instead, we see AI as a tool to supplement our capabilities, allowing us to provide more personalized, efficient, and impactful support to our affiliates. Whether it’s through optimizing campaigns, offering predictive insights, or streamlining communication, AI is helping us enhance the affiliate experience in ways we never thought possible.

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As we continue to integrate AI into our operations, we’re excited about the possibilities it opens up—not just for us, but for our affiliates and the broader marketing ecosystem. With Remon and our dedicated AI team at the helm, it feels like we’re on the brink of a new era in affiliate marketing, one where AI plays a central role in shaping strategies, enhancing communications, and driving success.

So, to our affiliates and partners, stay tuned. The future is bright, and with AI, we’re just getting started.

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