In email marketing, there is a no bigger expert than Jens Henke. This is why we have released a video masterclass with the master himself in which we cover:

  • How Jens got into email marketing and what it is
  • The advantages email offers over other traffic sources
  • Some of the biggest challenges Jens faces
  • The opportunities and threats to email marketing in the future
  • Learn how to hack the subject line
  • Which areas (if any) are not so effective with email
  • What are filters and how are they changing the email marketing landscape


If you are looking to get into email marketing (if not you really should!) or build on the email marketing you’re already doing, you need to watch this masterclass!

All you need to do to access this exclusive content is fill in your email address in the form below and you will receive a link. Take a seat and enjoy the video!

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