The Year in Review: 2015

The Year in Review: 2015

Advidi’s top managers look back at the shows, business actions, and stories that shaped 2015 for Advidi. They also give a hint of what should be expected in 2016.


1. Looking back at 2015, do you see it as a successful year for Advidi?
2015 was more than a successful year for Advidi. Big steps were taken – while staying very stable and strong in the Dating vertical, we made a substantial growth in Health & Beauty, along with launching a new vertical – Mainstream. With the latter, Advidi became an important partner in Mobile Content, Lead Generation and Credit Card submit offers.


2. What were you most proud of in 2015?
That would definitely be our effort to strengthen up our corporate branding. In the previous year we’ve been focused on increasing our brand visibility and position across the online and offline media. Our messages are better distributed among our clients, and our communication with the audience is brought on a much higher level. Furthermore, we launched a new website. It helps the current and the new partners to better understand our values, mission and everyday actions.


3. Which event or conference that Advidi attended was your favourite in 2015?
Advidi attended 5 shows in total over the previous year. We went to Affiliate Summit East in New York, Dmexco in Cologne, European Summit in Prague, and of course Webmaster Access in Amsterdam. They were all very well organised and special in their own way. But the most important one for Advidi, will be the Affiliate World Asia in Bangkok. Advidi was exhibiting at the Meet Market, and also threw a private party for the most trusted affiliates. Take a look at the movie about it:

4. What is the main goal for Advidi in 2016?
The main goal for Advidi in 2016, just like in the previous years, will be to stay a symbol of trust among the partners. We’ll continue to develop Advidi as an elite network, that works only with carefully selected partners and provide them with exclusive deals. We built Advidi on the foundation of people’s relationships. We care for nothing more than long-lasting partnerships developed through the years. Furthermore, understanding and acknowledging our position as a successful company, we’ve decided to take more care about our influence in the society and to take more responsibility on that matter. In 2016, Advidi with its partners, will initiate a charity foundation.


5. Will you expand the business in other verticals?
Absolutely yes. Our market analysts are currently identifying the opportunities, the trends, and they are doing a meticulous research on that topic. We have 3 options on the horizon for new verticals. We aim to start with traffic in T2.


6. What’s going to be the next big trend in the affiliate marketing in the following year?
That is not easy to predict, but we believe it will be connected with the traffic on the social media.

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