Dating is one of the most popular verticals in affiliate marketing

Dating is one of the most popular verticals in affiliate marketing because of its straightforward conversion flows, high profitability, and the fact it is a great vertical for both newbie affiliates and veterans. The evergreen vertical has two main sub-niches, adult, and mainstream. Mainstream refers to typical dating sites while adult dating refers more to sites or apps to flirt. 

Knowing this, do you find yourself asking; what are the biggest and most attractive markets for Dating offers? What are the best-performing GEOs?

The results show that top-tier GEOs such as the US and UK have the best engagement with Dating offers, but it’s important to note that campaigns in these GEOs are not always the most profitable because they are highly competitive. 

A lot of other countries have a high potential for Dating offers as well. There are great outcomes in tier-2 and tier-3 GEOs because they are often overlooked by affiliates as they tend to stick with English speaking countries. Because of this, there’s less competition and you can make a lot of money. Just take the time to try different approaches and test, test, test! 

In June 2020, we sat down with Advidi veteran and Team Manager Dating, Paul Groen for a Masterclass on ‘How to conquer the Dating vertical’ and he let us in on some secrets about top Dating markets.

He revealed that Western Europe, specifically DE/FR/IT, on top of the US and UK, are real moneymakers when it comes to the Dating vertical. The Nordics are also showing a lot of potential, so much so that Advidi pays up to 20 EUR and sometimes even higher for leads in this region. There is a lot of spending power in the Nordics, which is something we see in the ARPU. ARPU is the Average Revenue Per User, a backend metric we use to determine traffic quality based on the spendings the user does after they sign up. The higher the ARPU, the higher the payout for the leads. 

Tip: Keep in mind that both sub-verticals can behave in different ways and perform differently across GEOs.

Since last year, we’ve expanded Advidi’s portfolio of offers in  Eastern Europe too. Czech, Poland and recently Slovakia, Hungary and Romania show great performance. These GEOs are great for newer affiliates to hone their skills because, as we mentioned above, the market is not as saturated.




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For more insights and tips into how to conquer the Dating vertical, head over to our Youtube channel and watch the full Masterclass.




For more information about our in-house Dating offers, reach out to your AM. If you aren’t an Advidi affiliate, you can sign up today and we will match you with your own AM.

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