US Dating – Our biggest market expansion yet!

We proudly announce our biggest market expansion to date, by adding another GEO to our already huge portfolio of Casual Dating offers – United States. This week we officially open our US Dating offer for affiliate traffic.

The official launch arrives as the result of an extensive preparation period and careful testing. We’ve used all our past experience and knowledge in Dating, which we have meticulously developed in the last few years working on Dating offers in Western Europe, to create a unique US in-house offer in collaboration with one of our most trusted partners.

Our media buying team has tested the offer to find the best possible angles and flows, to discover the most profitable sources and creatives, as well as to test the stability of the offer. With high confidence, we can say that the initial results are record-breaking. We’ve never seen such a high-performance week after week after week of testing.

To get you up to speed and arm you with the knowledge needed to create a successful flow for yourself, our media team put together a manual for setting up this offer which includes suggestions for:

  • Sources: Scale horizontally – it’s better to spread budget over different traffic sources as opposed to concentrating it all on one source.
  • Creatives: US creatives (e.g. banners and landing pages) are different. This is applicable for most GEOs, but given the size and cultural differences in the US, it’s important to make custom creatives for the US, either from scratch or by adapting/localizing successful creatives from other GEOs.
  • Stability: Traffic in the US is notoriously unstable. You need a more proactive and dedicated approach to managing your campaigns. Optimization cycles are similar, but it’s important to keep an eye on bid and volume fluctuations almost daily, at least when testing a new source.

Get the rest of the manual here:


As we’re already facing a huge interest coming from our affiliates, talk to your AM today so they can put you on their priority list and ensure CAPs for your traffic. 

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