Virtual Reality: A New Opportunity for Dating Affiliates

It was only a matter of time until virtual reality hit the Dating world. With 360-degree action becoming a more prominent desire among fantasy seekers, experts are predicting some serious heat for affiliates in the virtual reality entertainment market. But is the potential big enough to be worth your time?


The short answer: YES!


The immersive virtual reality industry should surpass $108 billion in sales by 2021, with the Dating VR side of the industry set to reach at least $1 billion of that pie by 2025. This seems to be a pretty accurate prediction when you consider the context – the old-school 2D industry already pulls in $97 billion a year, so it’s not beyond imagination that VR could grow to at least 1% of that in the coming decade.

The next big thing in Dating

The idea of virtual reality entertainment may be new, but it isn’t very complicated and even easier to sell. For the first time, you can control the action in a 3D fantasy world – it’s a dream that has finally become (virtual) reality. The ability to feel like you are the performer is the primary selling point – one that’s proving to be successful even in the short time since first hitting the market in 2013.


We already know VR is hotter than a $10 Rolex, but common sense isn’t the only reason. Just look at the facts:


  • There are already more than 30 million smartphone-based VR sets in use, along with 1.5 million VR headsets from the big names (with Oculus, Google, Samsung and Sony leading the charge).
  • Research firm Juniper predicts 193 billion virtual reality video views in the Dating sector by 2020.
  • Consumers already view about 350 non-VR videos on their smartphones per year, set to increase by 55% before 2020 – this will undoubtedly trickle into VR.
  • Companies like KIIROO are taking it to the next level with Teledildonics (a way for long-distance couples to connect intimately), which will help to popularize the VR industry across a broader and more diverse demographic range.


All signs point to massive growth in the very near future. More and more companies are even offering free Google Cardboard headsets and other ways to get in on the action. That means access to the excitement is only a click (or two) away for eager consumers.

Virtual Reality

New technology means new opportunities

The more available virtual reality technology becomes, the stronger its presence will be in the Dating industry, resulting in a “snowball effect” that will cause demand to rise rapidly: more VR headsets means more demand for VR videos, and more videos means more demand for headsets. Knowing this, we expect a massive boom in the next 5-10 years. That’s why so many affiliates and advertisers are rushing to take advantage of virtual reality. We are already seeing a steady stream of new offers from advertisers, with more players entering the field on a monthly basis. There are already more than 750 3D/VR videos available to promote, a number that grows every day – but so does the number of affiliates joining the field.


If you want to be among the first to take advantage of this opportunity, you can already get started. VRP360 recently released some statistics that should help you come up with some angles:


  • Dating VR viewers are 78% male.
  • 75% of Dating VR viewers use Google Cardboard, which is often given away for free by operators; 17% use GearVR and the remaining 8% is split between Oculus and others.
  • Out of those who have a headset, 78% have already watched Dating VR videos.
  • The US, UK, Spain and France are the biggest GEOs at the moment.

54% of users are between 18-34 years old; 38% are between 35-54.

Advidi is prepared

We’ve spent a lot of time researching and preparing for this trend, and we invite you to join us in taking it on. Together with our growing network of advertisers and offers, we will innovate in response to today’s technology and market changes, where being one step ahead is required to get the most out of your campaigns.


VR entertainment drew plenty of attention in 2016, and it’s guaranteed to grow this year. Don’t wait until the market is saturated. Contact your affiliate manager to start running VR offers today!

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