It’s a topic on everyone’s lips at the moment, COVID-19, and how to move forward with it, not only on a human level but on an economic level too. 

While consumers are forced to stay home due to the global pandemic, it’s obvious that consumer needs are changing. Some industries have found themselves in high demand, while others are pushed to find new and creative ways to reach the market.

So what does it mean for the performance marketing industry?

Although we can’t predict the full economic consequences during this crazy time, there is still the opportunity to work with profitable offers. Most people are complying with the #stayathome movement and spending more time online, but does this convert to conversions and profit?

We see that some verticals are thriving more than others during COVID-19.



With the world in lockdown, people are craving social interaction in their isolation, which is one of the reasons Dating continues to be our strongest vertical. We believe that people are, sort of, compensating for the physical distance with online social interactions, which are very beneficial for this vertical. Remember to have this in mind when you’re preparing your creatives. Focus on the online angle by using “chatting” instead of “meeting”. Although, “meeting” is still working well despite the restrictions. 

Over the past months, we have seen a spike in conversions and interest, specifically in the US. In such a big market, there is no shortage of traffic available (and needed). We offer very interesting payouts for the offers in this market, followed by high conversion rates. 

Our latest Dating offers in Japan is also flourishing during COVID-19. However, it’s more difficult to enter because of the language barrier. Not to worry though, if you are interested in breaking into the market we have created ready to use banners for affiliates on request that are translated and designed to be adapted to the Japanese market. 

The times are changing, and so are we. In addition to postback, we now accept Iframe tracking on our in-house offers, which means that you can place your Facebook or Google pixels. The biggest benefit is that afterward, your Facebook or Google Ad Manager will do the optimizing for you as your Facebook or Google pixel will fire for each conversion. In such a case you’ll be sending more of the traffic that converts and less of the traffic that doesn’t convert. Similar to this, we can always fire your postback from other platforms, like Voluum for example.   

Another addition is that we now also accept API Traffic. The major benefit is that affiliates can create their own landing pages for higher conversion rates, and are not limited to the high converting landing pages that we provide. Advidi accepts all Dating traffic as long as it’s not fraudulent, of course. We have additional documentation in this regard on request. This is available for more advanced affiliates who have previous experience with API traffic. 

These are some of the top GEOs in which we have in-house Dating offers:



We recommend reaching out to your affiliate manager to learn more about how you can thrive with the Dating vertical during COVID-19 and beyond. 

These are some of our in-house Dating brands.

If you are not an Advidi affiliate, sign up here.



Finance offers are essential to daily life and thriving through COVID-19.

Although the world seems to be at a standstill, people still need to pay their bills, insure their cars and homes. As unemployment rates rise and businesses struggle, consumers are searching for financial assistance, by signing up for credit cards and loans.

It’s no shock that with the current situation that health and life insurance offers have seen a substantial increase in the past months.

Interested in running Finance offers? Click here to read how. 



Sweepstake offers seem to be stable during such a turbulent time. Consumers can’t leave the house, so non-physical products or services are on the rise.

CC Submit Sweepstake offers are bigger than ever and provide a solid income for many affiliates running traffic, for example from push, e-mail, SMS and Facebook. It’s not just the iPhone and Samsung offers that are doing well during this period, but we are seeing supermarket vouchers and streaming trials getting increased traffic during the pandemic from a variety of sources.

Facebook is the preferred traffic source for LeadGen at the moment requires a high level of compliance with its thorough list of regulations, publishers are looking for other traffic sources for their campaigns that are still very successful. Push traffic, for example, is still a go-to source for many affiliates, from beginners to professionals. Buying traffic from exchanges as well as monetizing private databases remains a popular traffic provider. 

Mobile content sweepstakes (PINs) are relatively untouched, we are still pushing the main volume in GEOs like Ireland, United Kingdom, Portugal, and even Greece. It seems like people are always up for winning, no matter if there’s a pandemic or not!



While we’re stuck at home 24/7, people all over the world have more time to look after their health and personal fitness. It’s therefore not a surprise that ordering all sorts of nutrition and health related products is very popular with consumers at the moment. We have seen an increase in Diet, Skin and Male enhancement products being ordered in the past weeks.

With the awareness of health and infection risks going global, it wasn’t a shock to see the demand for immunity boosters and nonmedical face mask offers rise.

On the other hand, some advertisers are facing difficulties with the delivery of their products during these difficult times. Therefore they had to put a pause on their operations or slowed it down to avoid consumers not receiving their products. This being said many offers in several GEOs don’t have these fulfilment problems and are business as usual.


COVID-19 shouldn’t scare affiliates, it should show there are new opportunities for finding fresh approaches and try new verticals. 

Our team has great tips and tricks on how to maximize opportunities during this crisis. Reach out to your AM for our latest offers in our top performing verticals. 


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