Win a free roundtrip flight to Bangkok

While Affiliate World Asia 2016 is sure to be flooded with fun festivities, interesting insights and constructive connections, there’s one component that nobody will find fun, interesting or constructive: paying to get there.


Unless you’re a local, it’s likely that the cost of your flight to Bangkok will be the only real setback (and if you are a local, then you’ve already won your prize: living in one of the world’s greatest marketing hubs). The value you’ll get will almost surely offset all your costs… but wouldn’t it be great to fly for free anyway?

Introducing: The AdvidiAir Free Flight Giveaway

From Mai Thai to your home, AdvidiAir will take you there!


Yes, that’s right! We’re offering to cover the cost of one lucky winner’s roundtrip flight to Bangkok. Entry is free and open to all affiliates and advertisers attending Affiliate World Asia 2016 next month. You can enter during the event – we’ll choose the winner at the end of the last day.

Here’s how you can win:


1. Visit us at our booth (B57) during the conference

2. Fill out the entry form and attach your business card

3. Drop it in the bucket

4. Come back to our booth on Tuesday, 6th of December at 5pm


We’ll draw the name of one person to be reimbursed for their flight to Bangkok. There’s no catch, although the winner must be present for the drawing and be able to show us proof of payment for their flight.


That’s pretty much all there is to it. Have a question about this contest or AWAsia in general?

Find our Adverthaising Warriors at the event or see if it’s already been answered in our Ultimate Guide to Affiliate World Asia – Bangkok.


Good luck!

The Fine Print (Contest Rules)

  1. One winner (one person) will be chosen at random.
  2. Only one entry per person is allowed.
  3. No purchase or involvement with Advidi is required.
  4. Only individual Affiliates and Advertisers who have funded their own trip may win the contest. Networks and people traveling on behalf of a company which has covered their costs are not eligible. If an ineligible candidate is selected, we will make a new selection. If we later determine that an ineligible candidate has been selected, we reserve the right to select a new winner via the same process.
  5. Winner must be present at time of drawing. If the winner is not present at time of drawing, a new winner will be chosen.
  6. Prize will be delivered in the form of reimbursement to the winner for the amount of the cost of their roundtrip Economy or Business Class airfare directly to and from Bangkok for the purpose of attending Affiliate World Asia 2016.
  7. Winner will be required to provide proof of payment for airfare costs. The name on the proof of payment for airfare costs must match the name of the selected winner.
  8. Prize will be delivered to the winner within 3 weeks of the date of delivery of proof.
  9. We reserve the right to cancel this promotion; disqualify entrants; and/or withhold delivery of the prize at any time.


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