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Management Team

Mike Schwalbach
Founder / Owner

My professional background is built in the marketing and sales industry, with main focus on online marketing. My dedication to work, and eye for details, help me to easily identify, create and develop strong businesses in the online world, and monetise traffic in the markets based on technical background. During the years I established partnerships with the key players in the digital industry: advertising, affiliate marketing, billing and content fields. My knowledge and experience extends to fully understanding in all areas of online planning, as well as managing various resources for online lead generation.

Iwert Dijkema
Founder / Owner

My strongest drive is developing new businesses, as well as finding innovative ways of changing existing markets. Using advanced mathematical and strategic thinking, my goal is to discover new ways of optimizing and consolidating ineffective processes, and make them work more efficiently. I’m one of the pioneers in the Affiliate marketing industry, and one of the ‘super affiliates’ who developed this market more than 10 years ago. I used this experience and knowledge to start Advidi.

Mark van den Elzen
Partner / Chief Executive Officer

I'm passionate when it comes to transforming businesses to maximise value for customers and shareholders.
Over the past 20+ years, I've had the pleasure to build seamless operations in commercially oriented roles in Media, Telecommunications, Recruitment and Insurance sectors. I believe in a customer centric and holistic approach to building organisations, aligning all disciplines ranging from Sales to Operations, Customer Service, and Human Resource Management.
I also believe that a business success is only possible with a balance with family and health.
I thrive to excel professionally, as much as I do my best to be a good husband and father to my 3 sons.

Jan Willem van der Veer
Partner / VP of Finance

Some people call me competitive, but it's not completely true - it's not really my fault I win all the time. Even though I was the 8th employee at the company overall, I still consider myself #1 when it comes to trivia and movie knowledge. I've enjoyed watching the company grow from a startup to a professional company and experiencing all the hurdles that come with such explosive growth. We're professional, hard-working and respectful, even though having fun is usually our top motivation.

Mark Nolte
Partner / VP of Business Development

"We're not here to take part, we're here to take over!” Conor McGregor said that after a major win in 2014, and a year later he became the UFC Featherweight World Champion. That is the kind of motivation and determination which inspires me to do better in my life and career. Creating strong, lasting partnerships is in my DNA, and I love being in a role that drives me to constantly find avenues for mutual success. Our industry will change the world of advertising, and the people involved right now are the ones who will have the greatest effect on that transition. It’s a great feeling to know that we’re all in it together - taking over, not just taking part!

Ivo Nota
Partner / VP Of Affiliate Management

I believe I found the perfect life balance – working in a vibrant city, and living close to the beach. Even when those two locations are not close to each other. I travel between the North Sea, and Amsterdam every day. Working here gives me the opportunity to be part of a superior business environment, and impressively creative people. Living in the countryside though, next to beach, running and biking in the forest, is what brings peace to my mind. After a busy day, there’s nothing to be compared to the silence of the woods, and the warmth of my loved one.

Petar Joseph
Head of Marketing and Communications

When I want to clear my mind, I usually watch superhero movies. Not because I like the violence in them, but because of the power of choice to become someone who can help the world be a better place. Each of us is a sum of their own everyday choices. Reading books, as well as watching TV shows reflects in a best way what I’m doing after a long day. Regarding violence, I recently watched a great episode where they made it very clear: “The real violence, the violence I realized was unforgivable, is the violence we do to ourselves when we’re too afraid to be who we really are”.

Business Development Managers

Mark Kamminga
Team Lead Dating

There’s no better industry to work, than online marketing. Working at Advidi means you basically have NO geographical boundaries when it comes to doing business. It lets you connect to different people, from different cultures and also allows you to do an occasional traveling. I’m passionate about traveling. The feeling that you're going to new places having no clue of where you are, but continuously exploring, cannot be compared to anything else. It moves your personal boundaries. For me, this is the best metaphor for the business I'm working in. I wouldn't change it for anything.

Pieter de Vries
Team Lead Health & Beauty

I've always been interested in data and analyzing stuff. Whether it's optimizing an online campaign to increase its performance, or checking if wind conditions will be favourable for a surf session. Working in the online industry helps a lot in that respect. Next to that, I love being surrounded with people. Data is nice but collaborating with my colleagues and business partners daily brings a dynamic I wouldn't miss for the world!

Roy Gonen

I came all the way from Israel chasing my passion for online marketing and I was lucky enough to find a home with Advidi.
I love adventures, seeing the world and visiting new places, I need to shake the rut in my life every now and then. Working in this industry allows me to do just that. As much as I love my job, I love my family even more and my favorite thing in life is spending time with them. I go for achieving things in life and my biggest motivation comes from being good at what I do.

Paul Groen
Business Development Manager

"Don't forget the beautiful days." These words (translated from Dutch) were on a sign that my grandparents used to have in their kitchen. I read this sign as a little boy, and I've never forgotten it ever since. What it means to me is that you should never forget how beautiful some days were, although seemingly nothing really special happened. I think nowadays, in the fast moving and digital world we live in, too many people tend to make this mistake.

Francisco Robles
Business Development Manager

‘No one player is as good as the sum of a team,' Alfredo Di Stefano said this, but also my coach when I started playing football at an early age. Since then, I always try to apply this way of thinking to every phase of my life, either when I am working, or when I am playing with my music band. I am jubilant that I am surrounded by people who also love working in a team!

Maureen Burton
Business Development Manager

I'm from Argentina. I've always thought I could never leave my house for more than couple of weeks of traveling. But in 2015, I was offered the opportunity to live and work in Mexico for 4 months. I said yes immediately. However, I was afraid at the beginning. “Moving alone to a different country you've never been before?” I asked myself. Looking back, I can now say it was an amazing experience - one that changed my way of thinking completely. I learned that I am stronger than I thought and that there are many interesting people and places to visit. After that, I decided to do a Eurotrip, and now here I am, living and working happily in Amsterdam, planning every escape weekend I can to visit new places.

Sietse Sander
Business Development Manager

Everything I do leads to one thing: I don’t want to be one of those people going home after work with a grumpy, unhappy face. I motivate myself to achieve my goals and to have fun on the way towards them. I must admit, Advidi helps big time. For me it is very important to always search for the positive aspects in life. Easier said, than done, but I’m striving to get the best out of every day. So, if eventually, I’m gone tomorrow, I could just say - I had one hack of a life.
“In the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years.” – Abraham Lincoln.

Melody Herindra
Technical Business Development Manager

I’m usually a very quiet person, but that just means that i’m thinking a lot :-) I go through many books per month, so you can often find me in the non-fiction section at the international bookstore. Due to my childhood in Tokyo I really appreciate Japanese (pop) culture; I really love the online culture and community. This is why Advidi is such a good fit for me. Data analysis is what I do, ensuring my colleagues are supported by accurate reports, which helps them to operate efficiently. I love it here at Advidi and can’t imagine working anywhere else!

Marina Baskaric
Business Development Manager

High school Marina was quite a dreamer; she dreamt of going to San Francisco, going on exchange, getting her Masters abroad and moving to a city that would feel right at the time. Not going to lie, high school Marina was a bit intense. Few years later, here I am, in the city I love at a company that challenges me every day. Happy and proud of everything that I have accomplished so far but most importantly, excited about what is yet to come. Making your dreams come true is hard work but there is nothing better than looking back at everything you have accomplished. Never stop dreaming!

Arne Schmidt
Business Development Manager

“If you want to do something new, you have to stop doing something old.” This is one of the reasons I jumped in the Advidi rollercoaster. The performance marketing business isn’t taught at University, but not all those who wander are lost. I don’t just like my work - I’m passionately in love with it. If you are not in love with your work, it’s slavery. As Watts perfectly described, the real secret of life is “to be completely engaged with what you are doing in the here and now. And instead of calling it work, realize it is play.”

Affiliate Managers

Marlou Scheerder
Affiliate Manager

Thing you should be aware of when working with me:
- I will always eat the last candy
- I wear watches as accessoires, don't be surprised if I wear it upside down
- I'll be the first person to tell you about the best performing offers
- Peanut butter is my favourite
- I secretly listen to Boogie Wonderland while chatting with my affiliates
- Snails freak me out
- Loving my job at Advidi

Jasper Metten
Affiliate Manager

"For me, Jasper is the kind of colleague who you want to have a drink with, especially during the Friday after hours. His open minded personality together with his ability to always see the bright side of things, makes him a guy that is easy to work with as well. The good thing about working for Advidi is that you are making a lot of friends while you are working here, and Jasper is definitely one of them." - Stefan, AM

Hardy Hekelaar
Affiliate Manager

I became obsessed with the importance of ‘opportunity’ one summer, when a big storm hit the beach. For me, that was an opportunity to jump on my body board and hit the highest waves that the storm created. Later, this hunger for opportunity took me to great places, great people and great moments. Affiliate Marketing is quite similar to that storm that day at the beach. Not everyone will dare to dive in it. However, once you’re there, armored with a genuine hunger for opportunity, you’ll ride on the most amazing waves that will take you to great places, great people and great moments.

Michael Hijlkema
Affiliate Manager

"Today I don’t feel like doing anything, I just want to lay in my bed’’. These lyrics have definitely nothing to do with my work ethics, but have absolutely something with me. A couple of years ago, I showed my musical talent on the Voice of Holland. Unfortunately the judges didn't turn their chairs, but it turned out to be a good step for my career as an affiliate manager. Even though a musical career is (not yet) achieved , at the office I always try to be at the top of my game. You can always expect passion, joy, enthusiasm and crazy shenanigans. I always try to bring a positive vibe into the office and brighten up my colleagues.

Patrick Spruit
Affiliate Manager

I once found myself in the jungle of Northern Laos, one of the most uninhabitable areas of the country. It rained heavily and the walking routes became flushed. We felt stranded. Our guide remained calm and said: “The jungle does what the jungle wants, so just enjoy the ride.”
We trekked through untouched jungle beauty for hours before finding our way home. The trip was tough, but we agreed that it was invaluable. New experiences can be scary, but they make life exciting. So never wait until the rain stops. Be positive and explore. You never know what beauty hides behind the next tree.

Secil Durak
Affiliate Manager

Go-getter is what I stand for, whether it’s a personal or work-related goal. I don’t back down from challenges and I’m not afraid to push my limits. I get motivated by passionate, hard-working and warm people, and that’s what I’ve found here. Not only is everybody always motivated to push their own limits, they are also willing to help you push past yours. So when I started working here I immediately felt at home. Other things that energize me are travelling, food, working out and connecting with new friends and sharing stories with existing ones. Advidi gives me the opportunity to do it all while I’m at work!

Bram van Pul
Affiliate Manager

To be honest, I never expected to work in this industry - it just happened to me. At first I wasn’t very excited, but working at Advidi has changed that. I love the innovative, dynamic nature of the business. Our global nature means the work never stops; while some are ending their day, a new one is beginning for someone else, and we’re in the middle of that. I get to apply my data analysis and sales skills while seeing direct results, which creates a strong drive inside me to work in this industry. There are endless opportunities, and Advidi really supports me as I explore them. The energy here is unique!


Anetey Abbey
Market Analyst

For me, the sky is not the limit, the mind is. At Advidi, I feel that there is freedom for the mind to create, to improvise and to develop. This is what I love here. This and data. I believe that “In God we trust, all others must bring data”. If you have data you can find the key to everything. You know what is real and what isn’t, where to go and what to avoid. Thus, you build your way towards a successful performance.

Aylin Cetin
Account Receivable Manager

‘’Do I look forward to getting back to work?” I ask myself every morning to see if I am spending my days doing a job I love, with people I enjoy being around. I am really lucky that my answer is ‘Oh God yes!’ every day. At Advidi the environment is fun and motivating. It helps me achieve a work-life balance, even if it seems impossible nowadays. It taught me that you can find the way to spend quality time chilling with your beloved ones, going on camping trips or cycling. Things that I could never do if I had remained in my hometown, Istanbul.

Daniel Ramos
Market Analyst

“Happiness is the tranquillity one feels when having the certainty of being on the right path”. - Jorge Bucay. The right path for me is in small things, in pleasant moments and in being around nice people. I think that the most powerful person is a happy one. When you are in the right place, with the right people and in the right moment, you can definitely feel happy and complete. So I always try to find the happy way of living. It brings me to the right places, nice people and good environments.

Edit Streit
Market Analyst

Lately, I’ve realized that some of the best things that happen to us are unexpected. I never thought that one day I would have the opportunity to live in this beautiful, free-minded city and work for a company like Advidi. This place is like the perfect playground, where you get your freedom to try the best toys and learn a lot along the way. Of course, a playground is nothing without good company. At Advidi, team spirit is not just an empty word - everybody is part of the machine. I really enjoy working in the Market Analytics team and I can't wait to see what the future will bring.

Thanh Le
Accounting assistant

As a person who likes changes and adventure, I traveled halfway around the world to study in The Netherlands. This new life offered so many new things and changes, but being strong, working hard and learning all the time helped me stand up. Joining Advidi is my new adventure with a great environment, nice colleagues and so much fun to be had. In this new adventure, we can be strong together, work hard together and learn from each other. I’m ready to show them how big we can go!


Laura Zijlstra
Office Manager / HR Assistant

My parents always encouraged me to travel and see the world. So the first chance I got, I packed my backpack and made the best trip of my life. I came back with lots of great memories and a passion for traveling. But I enjoy the little things in life just as much. Dinners with friends, good coffee and Discovery Channel's Shark Week. After traveling, I decided to leave Nijmegen and move to the big city of Amsterdam to start my career. Luckily enough, I found myself a job at Advidi. Every morning, I enjoy my bike ride to the office where I try to make the workday for my colleagues as easy and comfortable as possible!

Kai Erquicia Cortegoso
Office Chef

I was 9 and really hungry that night when my dad figured out that he forgot to buy groceries. In panic, he started looking around the kitchen, and found a can of beans, knakworst (Dutch sausage), a few eggs and suspicious potatoes. I stood next to him astonished watching him cutting, cooking and flipping pans. I was expecting to try the worst meal ever! But, on the contrary, the mix that looked like a Spanish omelet was actually delicious! It was so good that we named it – Darkai. Maybe not the most creative name, since we only put our names together. But I learned something important that day - In time of crisis, use your creativity as your main force. It was also the day from which I started thinking about all the possible mixtures of flavors that can be brought together. I believe it was as well the day when I discovered the magic of cooking.

Romy Peter
Office Assistant

I always wanted a dog, but my parents believed that I was too young for that. Still, I had already decided that I’d have a dog, and I gave her the name ‘Niksi’ (which means ‘nothing’ in Dutch). Obviously, she got this name because she never really existed. Nonetheless, I took Niksi with me everywhere I went. One day Niksi got 1,000 puppies, which meant she was no longer allowed to live with me. Instead, she moved to my grandfather’s barn. A few years later, my grandfather called me over, saying that he had great news for me. He had bought me a real puppy - and her name was Niksi, of course! My imaginary dog wasn’t imaginary anymore. This experience taught me that we should never give up on our dreams!

Ben Opsahl

I was brought up by a loving family and Kurt Vonnegut novels. Born in Ohio, raised in Oregon, finally at home in Amsterdam. I miss my family, friends, Timbers matches, snowboarding and Darth Vader on a unicycle playing flaming bagpipes. I originally came for a two-month visit, but it’s become a never-going-home stay, and I’m happy it now includes working at Advidi. I feel encouraged to grow and improve myself while contributing something valuable. My voice is heard (even when it’s saying dumb things). I’m really proud to be a part of that.

Sharon de Stigter
Talent Acquisition Manager

Coming from a background in psychology, I stepped a bit outside of my comfort zone by joining Advidi, and it’s been a great experience from the beginning. I love challenges and am grateful that my previous experiences have prepared me for this environment - I appreciate that I’m able to bring a professional touch while finding the best people for our unique workplace. Everyone here is truly cool, which makes me feel confident walking into the office every day - I know I’ll be surrounded by friendly colleagues while doing something that inspires me.

Bruna Souza
Visual Communications Manager

I’m originally Brazilian, but I’ve lived in São Paulo, Amsterdam, and London. Growing up in an international environment exposed me to so many different kinds of people, cultures, and ideas. It taught me to appreciate the beauty of diversity. The world is an interconnected fusion, so my philosophy is to travel, eat, drink, talk, learn and celebrate! Life is there to be explored.

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