Fueled by innovation and a commitment to quality, our tech team is pushing boundaries, setting new standards, and shaping the future of digital marketing.


Welcome to Advidi’s tech realm, where we’re not just keeping up with the evolution of affiliate marketing – we’re leading it. With an unyielding focus on client needs, our collaborative team of experts is transforming ideas into groundbreaking developments. As a team, we aim to defy expectations, raise the bar, and chart the course for the future of digital marketing.

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Why work with us

Become a pioneer at Advidi’s tech hub, where innovation thrives and technical freedom reigns. Work alongside brilliant minds, harness cutting-edge tech, and celebrate your victories at our vibrant events. Dive into impactful projects, tackling high-performance challenges in environments with hundreds of users. At Advidi, your work not only defines digital marketing’s future but also promises growth to your professional journey.



Collaborating with talented colleagues on projects has not only enhanced my technical skills but also broadened my understanding of the evolving tech landscape.


Full-Stack Developer

In the tech team we are constantly trying to improve our technical abilities & figure out the best way of doing things. This means that I'm supported to try things out that develop my skills & knowledge.



The freedom to innovate, coupled with a genuine sense of appreciation, creates an environment where every team member feels integral to the company's success.

Our projects

High-Performance Advertisement Tracking

In the fast-paced world of digital marketing, Advidi revolutionizes ad tracking with globally distributed servers. Our advanced system ensures response times below 20 milliseconds, setting the industry standard for optimal ad performance and user experience.

Automatic Campaign Optimization

Juggling numerous online campaigns is made easy with our intelligent, automated tools. Our sleek algorithms dynamically adjust campaign weights, providing insights through an easy-to-use dashboard. Seamless integration with top platforms streamlines campaign optimization for media buyers, making the complex simple.

Big Data Solutions

In the world of online marketing, our robust ETL solutions handle data seamlessly. Compatible with various traffic sources and network tools, our systems process data efficiently for near real-time decision-making. Whether it’s data lakes, event buses, or warehouses like BigQuery and Redshift, we’ve got the tools for advanced analytics and reporting.

Automation for Affiliate Networks

Advidi’s automation tools elevate affiliate network operations, filling the gaps in existing tools. From automated invoicing to workflow enhancements, our integrations with platforms like Salesforce, Slack, and various cloud services empower networks to scale efficiently and effectively.

Offer and Client Management

Coming soon – our new product revolutionizing client and offer management for affiliate networks. Simplify and enhance the management process with an integrated, user-friendly approach. Advidi is shaping the future, one streamlined solution at a time.