Show them how big you can go

The most massive contest we’ve ever organized is hitting a dashboard near you! If you think you’re big enough to win it, then you’ll soon get your chance to prove it. Advidi Adventure is an 80-day battle that will challenge you to push your affiliate marketing skills to new heights… and only the best of the best will reach the top!


Contestants compete for points in five categories: Dating, Health & Beauty, Mainstream, Casino and Newcomer (for affiliates who have joined us since December 2016). There can only be one winner in each category – and with a prize like the Advidi Adventure, you can expect HUGE competition.


The epic Advidi Adventure prize includes a 4-day summer trip to Amsterdam. The trip will feature a private boat tour and party around Amsterdam’s canals, a day of high-level brainstorming at the office, a Q&A session with a super affiliate, a massive beach party and, to cap it all off, tickets to Sensation White – one of the world’s biggest parties. You’ll get the highest treatment at the luxurious INK hotel, plus dinners and lunches at the best restaurants in town. All in all, we’ll make sure it’s an adventure you’ll never forget!


If you want to compete, simply fill out the application form and choose an original nickname.


Advidi Adventure - Sign Up!


Who can compete?


All our active affiliates can join the competition. All you need to do is to sign up. The competition will be active for 80 days, starting 15 February 2017 and ending 6 May 2017. You can sign up at any point during the competition; we will calculate all your traffic from 15 February regardless of when you join. However, there are special offers that offer double points, so don’t wait if you really want to win!


Who can win?


There will be 5 winners in total. The winners will be chosen based on the traffic/revenue they send to the Advidi network. There will be winners in all 4 verticals we’re currently working in at the moment – Dating, Health & Beauty, Mainstream and Casino. The 5th winner will be a newcomer – someone who joined Advidi no earlier than the 1st of December 2016.


How can I win?


The winners in each category will be chosen by the number of points they earn during the competition. For every $1000 in revenue, the competitor will earn 1 point. The competitor with the most points in each category will be the winner in that category.


To give you a competitive edge, we offer a few ways to speed up the process of earning points:


1. We’ll publish special offers every week, and all traffic sent to them will earn double points! For every regular point you make for that offer, we will double it. The list of special offers will be active for 7 days and will change every Friday at midnight Amsterdam time (CET).


2. You can earn 10 extra points for every affiliate that you refer to us during the competition.

Extra points will be calculated after the referred affiliate has reached a $500 threshold.



3. You can earn extra points based on custom deals made with your affiliate manager.

He or she can help you earn extra points during the competition – be sure to ask about this!



This competition will test your affiliate marketing skills in general, not just your traffic. Outsmart your competitors and earn extra points by timing your campaigns to take advantage of special offers and custom deals. This is your chance to show how big and how smart you can go!


What is the prize?


Five affiliates will embark on an adventure for 4 days in Amsterdam. Every winner will get:


A roundtrip ticket to Amsterdam

5-star hotel accommodation for 4 days

Dinners, lunches, clubbing/partying, etc.

Tickets to the world-famous Sensation White party

An introduction to our office

A private boat tour and boat party around Amsterdam

A networking and brainstorm business session

Motivational speech by a super affiliate (including Q&A)

An invitation to our private beach party


We will contact each winner to create a unique experience for them based on their preferences.


How can I measure my progress?


We will publish a progress report twice every week on Mondays and Thursdays. The report will include the top 5 competitors in each category. For this purpose, we will use nicknames – no personal names or email addresses. This will be regularly updated on the dedicated page on this page.


Can I still join the trip even if I don’t win in my category?


Yes – those who end up in the top 20 in each category are eligible to join the Advidi Adventure. However, you must cover your flight and accommodations (we’ll take care of the rest).


Terms & Conditions


Last update: 24 April 2017, 17:32 CET