6 Quick Tips to Help You Win Advidi Adventure

Advidi Adventure is entering Week 3, and we’re already seeing some fierce competition. We’ve seen the top spot in each category change hands multiple times, with no clear dominant leader yet. So listen up if you want to take the top spot and keep it.

These tips could help you gain an edge and win the competition!


1. Take full advantage of Double Points offers

This is a sure-fire way to milk some extra value out of your campaigns – and possibly even come across a new killer offer or angle!


Each week, we select some of our best offers to become Double Points offers for the following week. We’ll send you a newsletter every Thursday with the offers that will be valid for the following week. As soon as it strikes midnight on Friday (CET), the Double Points offers kick in and are valid for one full week (when the next batch kicks in). The bonus points are automatically applied.


All you have to do is generate revenue on the offers – and seeing as these are also top performers, your AM can help you figure out a way to drive major sales while racking up the points.


2. Make special deals with your AM

This is a chance to show off your creativity and your negotiation skills at the same time! If you have a personal goal or an opportunity you’d like to pursue, mention it to your Affiliate Manager and request an Advidi Adventure deal.


Not only can they use our vast resources to help you reach your goal or take full advantage of the opportunity you’ve found, they can also offer you extra Advidi Adventure points as a reward! As long as the deal is approved, your imagination and deal-making skills are the only limits on this one.


3. Know your business and adapt accordingly

While many will focus heavily on Double Points offers and special deals, others are sticking with what they know – and that can really pay off. If your competitor pulls in 10k on a Double Points deal, they’ll still be behind you if you’re pulling in 25k on a standard offer you already know how to blow up.


The point of the contest is to give you opportunities to expand (while having a little fun), not necessarily to change your business model. Staying in touch with your AM will help you naturally benefit from the competition. They know your business and can adapt the competition to suit you, rather than forcing you to adapt your business to suit the competition.


4. Refer someone to the competition

By referring someone to Advidi Adventure, you earn 10 points – a huge boost that can rocket you up the leaderboard. On top of that, you’ll also earn bonus income on their revenue through our affiliate referral scheme (2% of their sales for one year from signup). There’s never been a better time to refer a friend or partner to Advidi! (Note: extra points will be calculated after the referred affiliate has reached a $500 threshold.)


5. Be patient and think long-term

This is still just week three of the contest, which means we haven’t even reached the second quarter – there are still 60+ days out of 80 total to go. Those who are patient, consistent and keeping a close eye on their performance will win out over those who make hasty decisions. Talk to your AM about your long-term business plan – they can help you accomplish it, and may even sweeten it up with a bonus points deal!


6. Bribe someone at Advidi

Do you feel like you’re doing really well… yet every time the leaderboard is updated, your name hasn’t moved up?


First off, you should feel proud of your success anyway. But second off, you can always try to buy additional success through clever bribes!


This is definitely the riskiest option, as it’s very easy to get caught and probably won’t work. But desperate times call for desperate measures, so keep this in mind as the contest reaches its final days in about 8 weeks. (Psst: I’ve heard the copywriter has access to the leaderboard and needs a new jacket…)


Now it’s your turn!

Using the above methods (except maybe that last one) will virtually guarantee an improved performance in the competition. But will it put you at the top? You know your setup and how you do business better than anyone, so it’s up to you to find a creative way to rack up points.


We know one thing for sure: the winners we meet in Amsterdam this June will have done something extra to earn it (while also earning extra profits). They’ll have plenty of reasons to celebrate with a prize that includes:


  • A roundtrip ticket to Amsterdam
  • A private boat tour and boat party around the city
  • 5-star hotel accommodation for 4 days
  • A networking and brainstorm business session
  • Dinners, lunches, clubbing/partying, etc.
  • A motivational speech by a super affiliate (including Q&A)
  • Tickets to the world-famous Sensation White party
  • An introduction to our office
  • An invitation to our private beach party


So what methods are you using to beat the competition? Let us know below… or better yet, keep them secret and tell us in person when you come to celebrate victory!

DISCLAIMER: We do not encourage breaking laws, terms of service or even suggested rules. Heck, we don’t encourage breaking anything (except through to the other side).

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