Revealed: The Advidi Adventure Prize (Got FOMO? Don’t Read This!)

Our Adventure prize

HEYO! It’s week seven of the Advidi Adventure contest – the hottest affiliate contest on planet earth – and that means time is running out. The journey reaches its climax on 17 June, when we tally up the points and announce the 6 lucky deserving winners.

While you scramble to squeeze extra points out of the Boosters and ensure your victory, we’ve been working behind the scenes to prepare some pretty awesome things for you.

The result? A prize we can’t wait to tell you all about. C’mon – we need to hurry so you can get back to winning!

Advidi timeline

1. Flight tickets to Amsterdam… and Barcelona!

2 cities = 4x the Adventure = 17x the fun! Don’t worry about the math there – all you have to know is that we’re giving you a full experience in both our home town of Amsterdam and the bohemian paradise of Barcelona.

You’ll begin with an all-expenses-paid flight to Amsterdam, where you’ll join us for a few days of fun and business… then we’ll head down to Barcelona to enjoy the rest of the prize.

(Oh, we’ll also cover your flight home – assuming you don’t decide to stay in Barcelona or Amsterdam forever. It’s tempting…)

2. Beach BBQ at Strand Zuid


Get to the beach! Strand Zuid offers the best beach experience in Amsterdam – easily the hottest summer chill-out location in town. You’ll be joined by your fellow winners and friends from Advidi, leading to an unforgettable experience that some of us may end up preferring to forget (but hey, that’s the fun).

3. Business day at the Advidi office

Office day at Advidi
Those who have won our contest in the past cited the business day as a true highlight – you’ll be invited to our office in Amsterdam to get answers to questions you’ve never had the chance to ask… exclusive insights from our massive network… and practical discussions that will inevitably lead to whole new heights in our partnership.

Take good notes, because you’ll get some reflection soon after… as we all board the plane to Barcelona, where we’ll turn the heat up yet another notch!!

4. Hotel accommodation at premium hotels in Amsterdam and Barcelona

Throughout your stay, you can expect total comfort – especially in your resting time. We’ll put you up at INK Hotel in Amsterdam, which has received plenty of positive praise from previous winners… then we’ll hook you up with a room at the Hilton Diagonal Mar in Barcelona – you’ll literally be next door to the conference.

Note to the Champion’s League winner: as a multi-time winner, you’ve earned a bit extra. You’re staying in the aptly named WOW Suite at the W Hotel, right on the beach and overlooking all of Barcelona! You’ll also get personalized service throughout your stay – we’ll ensure that you won’t have to worry about anything but maximizing value and having fun.

5. Tickets to Affiliate World Europe

You already know that AWE is one of the top affiliate conferences in the world, and it could be the biggest gathering of serious marketing experts in the world.

With top-level speakers giving away (too many) secrets… thousands of attendees (affiliates, networks, traffic sources, advertisers, etc)… plenty of parties (plus one you’ll be the star at)… and a beautiful Barcelona backdrop, you’ll wish the 2-day conference could last forever. Don’t worry, though. We’ll make sure you get your fill of fun, education and sunshine.

6. Huge rooftop party with Advidi

We’re planning something really big – our biggest party yet. You’ll join us and a few hundred special guests from the industry at the Hilton Diagonal Mar rooftop terrace – a warm and welcoming hotspot that delivers views of the whole city.

This party will be a blast – we’re well aware that the bar is high when it comes to partying during AWE, so we’ve gone ahead and raised it even further! At this party, you’ll enjoy:

  • Delicious gourmet food (come hungry!)
  • Open bar with cocktails, beer, wine… whatever you want!
  • Fun games for you to get gradually worse at throughout the night
  • An exciting surprise of heroic proportions – no hints! (Or is this already a hint?! You’ll just have to attend to find out…)

Connect with new friends, fill up on bites and prepare for the top party in town (literally)… all while watching the sun set on all of Barcelona’s famous landmarks like the Sagrada Familia, Montjuïc Castle and that funky egg thing… a perfect start to your conference experience!

7. Access to Geek Out Barcelona

Geek out Barcelona

Get ready to Geek Out! Source:

Run by Purple Knowledge Labs, the Geek Out Tour has quickly become the most talked about private mastermind in the industry.

This hard-hitting event is led by media buying master James van Elswyk (CEO and founder of Purple Leads). He’ll be joined by an all-star cast of experts who are spending massive amounts on ads (including two 25-year-olds who have already done more than $1 BILLION in revenue).

You’ll get hard-hitting truths in a simply format: What, Why, How and Q&A. This is the place to find the latest tricks and tactics that are truly working today (because as you know, everything changes in this industry).

The value extends well beyond the ticket price, but don’t worry about the math – we’re getting you in for free.

As a truly valuable kicker (for Advidi Adventure winners only), you will get a private session with one of the speakers. This is a service you can’t buy… you have to earn it!

8. Lunches, dinners and more

As our guests on the Advidi Adventure, we’ll make sure you’re very well taken care of. Aside from the parties and hotel accommodation, we’ll also be taking you out for lunches and dinners throughout the trip. You just have to show up and we’ll take care of the rest!

9. Surprises along the way

But wait, there’s more!

You’ll also be getting some cool surprises throughout your journey. No hints here… just come prepared for an unforgettable, highly valuable and super entertaining time throughout your adventure.

How cool is this prize? Let’s take a look back…

After getting feedback from you all, we developed this format for our prizes a few years ago. You’ve told us that you value experiences over material goods, so we take the time to plan out the perfect combo of fun times and actionable knowledge that can help you immediately improve your campaign performance.

This has proven to be a hit – but if pictures are worth a thousand words, these videos can say a million more about how memorable these events are.

Here’s the most recent one – Kings of Advidi back in April of this year:

Want to join, but afraid you won’t hit one of the top spots?

We would love for all of you to join us on this trip, but that would totally defeat the purpose of the contest. However, we understand that FOMO is a serious medical condition, so if you are experiencing any of the following symptoms:

  • Dizziness from excitement
  • Anxiety about missing the hottest parties in two of Europe’s coolest cities
  • Sweating at the idea that your competitors will get too big of an advantage from the Geek Out Tour and AWE
  • Normal skin color from too little time at the beach
  • “Reverse vertigo” from too many ground-level parties
  • Stomach problems due to “meh” food

… then please contact your AM. We may be able to alleviate your condition with a special deal…

Hey – that’s enough for now. There’s a bit more, but the contest isn’t over, so stop counting your chickens before your campaigns hatch and go win the Adventure!

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