Advidi’s Ad Men Take on New York

It’s 2017. The era of Madison Avenue is over.


Don Draper has long since draped his coat and donned his hat for the last time.


And with the end of this era, a new one begins.


Enter the Ad Men.


They’re setting a new standard. The modern standard.


This summer, they’ll reclaim their place at Affiliate Summit East – just a few blocks from Madison Avenue, right in the heart of The Capital of the World.


Pour yourself a scotch – it’s time to get acquainted with the Advidi Ad Men.



The Ad Men at ASE 2017


Mark Nolte


Skype: advidi.businessdev

Role: VP of Business Development

Verticals: All (Dating, Mainstream, Health & Beauty, iGaming)


Along with his dedication to performance and expansion within the industry, Mark stands out for his cheerful social presence. He’s always looking to forge valuable, long-term relationships with new partners. Ask him about how we leverage our network’s diversified experience and reach to expand your business.





Pieter de Vries


Skype: pieter.advidi

Role: Team Lead – Health & Beauty

Verticals: Health & Beauty


Whether he’s surfing the web or actually surfing, you can count on Pieter to deliver a comprehensive data-driven perspective. His background in online marketing and analytics is coupled with a passion for people, which he extends to his role as our Health & Beauty team lead. Talk to him if you’re looking for Health & Beauty offers or traffic – or just to chat about surfing.




Fran Robles


Skype: francisco.advidi

Role: Business Development Manager

Verticals: Health & Beauty


The wheels never stop turning for Fran – and not just because he’s a dedicated cyclist. He constantly strives to create strong communication between his team and his partners, allowing them to stay ahead of industry trends and take advantage of opportunities on a moment’s notice. Ask him for his thoughts on the future of the Health & Beauty vertical.





Hardy Hekelaar


Skype: affiliate9.advidi

Role: Affiliate Manager

Verticals: Health & Beauty, iGaming


Hardy’s style combines strong analytical skills with tireless advocacy for his affiliates’ interests. He takes time to align his thinking with each of his affiliates, allowing him to push for their goals as though they were his own. He’s not always strictly business, though – when he’s not poring over stats, he can usually be found pouring a beer by the pool.





Bram van Pul


Skype: bram.advidi

Role: Email Marketing Manager

Verticals: All (Dating, Mainstream, iGaming, Health & Beauty)


Bram will never let you down. He’s organized and careful, but that never distracts from his confidence – especially when there’s an important task at hand. He prefers to look before he leaps, though it’s mostly so he can get a running start. Get in touch with him if you’re the type that absolutely must get things done right the first time.




About the conference

“If you don’t like what is being said, then change the conversation.”


This notorious Don Draper quote refers to advertising, but Affiliate Summit really took it to heart. Back in 2003, Missy Ward and Shawn Collins launched the conference series right here in New York, sparking a change in the conversation about affiliate marketing.


Here are the details on this year’s event:


What: Affiliate Summit East 2017

Where: New York Marriott Marquis

When: 30 July 2017 – 1 August 2017


This year’s edition will continue to change the conversation, though it’s a bit louder this time around. 5,500+ attendees are expected, with some of the biggest names in affiliate marketing speaking about the latest trends in the industry.


The Ultimate Guide to Affiliate Summit East is out now!


Get the FREE guide to ASE and NYC

Our comprehensive guide offers everything you need to know about ASE 2017 and New York City:


  • Exclusive advice from conference organizers Missy Ward and Shawn Collins
  • Tips on traveling, getting around, places to eat, nightlife and more
  • An interactive map loaded with useful hotspots and suggestions
  • Secret insights from locals on what to see and do (and eat!)


Plus plenty more. It’s your one-stop resource for complete conference preparation!




Meet us in New York – Meet Market Table 514

Be sure to visit our Ad Men live and in-person at our table at the meet market:


We’ll be sure to give you more than a New York minute when you do!


Note from the secretary: The Ad Men’s schedules are already starting to fill up! Don’t forget to book your meetings in advance.


As Don Draper says: “You want some respect? Go out there and get it for yourself. You want a meeting with the Ad Men?
Just schedule it.”



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