The All-in-One AWA 2017 Checklist

We searched far and wide to find the questions, concerns and curiosities you all have about AWA 2017, which takes place next week from 6-7 December in Bangkok.

Then we found the best answers… plus a little extra.

By the time you’re finished checking all the boxes, you’ll be certain that:

  • You won’t miss any of the valuable, implement-it-now advice that Affiliate World Conferences are known for
  • You’ll make it to all the best parties
  • You won’t waste time or money in Bangkok
  • You’ll avoid getting scammed or cheated
  • You know which speakers offer the most useful advice for your business
  • You’ll learn how to leave your own permanent mark on the conference

…plus much more. The AWA 2017 Checklist is your one-stop, last-minute resource to make sure you’re 100% ready to go when the conference kicks off next week.

You don’t want to come home to find out you missed the biggest party… skipped the speech everyone is talking about… or lost a kidney 😉

The AWA 2017 Checklist

We’re not talking about your toothbrush – this checklist is focused on the core of the conference. Hopefully you can check most of these off right away. But if not, click each item to jump to the relevant section for details:

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Still missing a few boxes? Then read on – we’ve got you covered.

All crossed off? Great! We’ll see you next week… and don’t forget to stop by Booth B30 to meet our Adverthaising Warriors in their natural habitat!

1. Get 100% ready for Bangkok

We’re focused pretty heavily on the conference here, but don’t forget: you’re going to be in Bangkok.

The city is breathtaking, wild, fast, historic, vast, rich and mysterious. Make it work for you – not against you. Read our Ultimate Guide to Bangkok – cover to cover – and you’ll come across like a confident local (rather than confused prey).


2. Bring your money-making mindset

AWA will be a blast. Don’t worry about that part. For now, we suggest focusing on getting the right mindset. Those who recognize that AWA is an investment are the ones who will get ROI from the event. Those without a plan will quickly get lost.

Check out these tips for strengthening your networking mindset:

And remember – there’s no value in something or someone you can’t remember. Take notes, save business cards, and get plenty of rest to ensure full utility of the contacts and knowledge you generate!

3. Choose the right speakers

Featuring dozens of high-profile speakers with each edition, Affiliate World Conferences are known as the place for the industry’s best to meet and share freely. AWA 2017 will be no different.

To get a full perspective on how engaged the speakers are – and how much value they plan to bring you – check out the interviews we did with some of the top speakers in our guide:

For more context, check out the speakers at AWE earlier this year – including top STM members and conference organizers:

There are many more, of course – including Alexander Nix, Mark Houng, Rishan Bhagowat, Mohamed Ali Aguel and others. Check out the full list and start planning your schedule!

4. Meet the right people

The speakers are just one part of the draw to events like AWA. The people – and the deals you can make with them – are the real meat of the meetup. You don’t get many opportunities to be in the same room with so many other like-minded affiliates, networks and advertisers. The right meeting can shape the course of your entire year… until the next AWA, of course.

Here are our top tips for maximizing meeting merit:

  • Get in on the general conversation by download the AWA networking app on Android or iOS. This will help you pick like-minded people out of the crowd and follow live updates.
  • Stay socially connected with the official AWA hashtag: #AWAsia
  • Check out the many exhibitors at the meet market. From traffic sources and networks to new products and more, you’ll find representation from pretty much every service or business partner you’ll ever need.
  • Plan a meeting with our Adverthaising Warriors if you run Dating, Mainstream, Health & Beauty or iGaming!

Adverthaising Warriors

MATTHIJS BOS is our Mainstream Team Lead. If you’re an advertiser or affiliate looking for a big day, look no further!

MARK NOLTE is our VP of Business Development. Ask him about how we leverage our network’s diversified experience and reach to expand your business.

PETAR JOSEPH is our Head of Marketing & Communications. Ask him about corporate branding and how it will change the face of affiliate marketing in coming years.

IVO NOTA is our VP of Affiliate Management. He’s highly regarded for his ability to bridge gaps between affiliates and the resources they require to excel, whether part of our network or not.

SIETSE SANDER is a Business Development Manager in the Mainstream vertical. His partnerships are defined by transparency and trust, which sets a unique tone that allows both parties to remain focused on solutions.

PATRICK SPRUIT is an Affiliate Manager in the Dating, Health & Beauty and Mainstream verticals. He’s exceptionally focused, result-driven and always smiling, combining his passion for marketing with an analytical, structured approach.

TOBIAS VAN KRALINGEN is an Affiliate Manager in the Health & Beauty vertical. He has close ties with his partners – he’s always doing his best to keep them motivated and focused.


Book your meeting now!

In addition, there are a few relevant events taking place near AWA around the same time, including the Blockchain World Conference and Facebook Mastery Live from iStack Training. Hop over to STM to find the latest.

5. Leave your mark on the event

This year, we’ve got something extra special going on at our booth – a blank wall.

The wall will only start blank, of course. We’re bringing pens and prompts, and it’s up to YOU to help us fill it up. Be silly, be serious, whatever you please – just be yourself.

As a network that has focused on connecting the industry for the past 5 years, we recognize that our people are our network. This is the perfect moment to bring us all together to share a bit of who we are – with the result being a lasting snapshot of the industry today.

Come on over to Booth B30 and make your permanent mark on AWC history!

6. Party properly

Yeah! It’s what you’re really here for, isn’t it?

Parties aren’t just for going wild and letting off steam, though. They’re great places to network, meet cool people and even establish masterminds that will bring you (and your mastermind crew) big money for years to come.

The fine folks at STM have worked together to build a thorough list of public and private parties. Get the full AWA party list and start planning – some are back-to-back or overlapping, and you don’t want to scramble on the spot.

Which do we recommend? High on ROI, of course! We’re throwing the biggest networking event at AWA with Charles Ngo, specifically for affiliates to develop profitable masterminds and share inside tips.

It’s all happening at one of the most breathtaking rooftop bars in Bangkok – so you don’t want to miss it! Ask your AM for an invite:

7. Know your history

Most of you know the history of Affiliate World Conferences (AWC), but to those who don’t… the context will help you navigate the scene.

In short, AWC was born from a series of meetups sponsored by STMthe leading affiliate marketing community. It evolved into a full-on professional conference series in 2015, featuring two global events: Affiliate World Asia and Affiliate World Europe. We’ve seen impressive improvements year over year as the series matures and continues to get better at accommodating attendees’ wishes.

You’ll find a tangible, consistent feel at all AWC events. Community is key, and pretense should be left at the door. We’re here to share, connect, make deals and improve our industry as a whole. It’s still growing, and we are the ones who will shape its future.

By attending AWA, you’re helping to write the history of affiliate marketing – at a very early stage. Be proud!

8. Fake it ‘til you make it

If this is your first time at an AWC event, you’ll likely notice that many of the attendees have known each other for years, either as business partners or forum friends.

As such, you can expect to encounter a very tight-knit group. This will probably intimidate you – all those people fist bumping, making inside jokes and treating each other like childhood friends.

Have no fear. You’re in good company. If you’re not an STM member, sign up ASAP. Then, come prepared with something to share – it can be your own struggles, or solutions you’ve found, or even just a chill vibe at parties.

The beauty of AWC and STM is that the tight-knit community also happens to be very welcoming. The only people they don’t like? Fraudsters, scammers and jerks. You’re not one of them, are you? Then you belong here!

9. Take a deep breath

It’s okay. You’re okay. There’s an overwhelming amount of stuff going down at AWA. Don’t forget your toothbrush… or to enjoy yourself.

It’s impossible to take advantage of everything AWA offers. It’s too much. But with a clear plan, you can get the maximum value – and avoid silly oversights.

Let that be our parting message, then:

With thousands of people talking about hundreds of topics, each with unique motivations and businesses, there are millions of possible outcomes – no two AWA experiences are alike.

That’s the beauty of AWA and our industry. Despite our varied backgrounds, we come together and each make this event our very own.

That means the experience you have will be the one you deserve. Prepare now and earn yourself an outstanding, money-making, totally unforgettable time in Bangkok!

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