TikTok Meetup: Catch Up with The Dream Team in BKK

This time next week the Advidi team will bring their A-Game to busy Bangkok. Affiliate World is the last conference of the year, which guarantees one thing: It’s going to be BIG.

Who will be there? A few familiar faces – Rick, Dennis, Claire, Jur, Jeroen and a few fresh BKK faces (though we’re sure you’ve noticed them on our socials) Alba, Harry and Jimmy. Bangkok is THE conference to mix business with pleasure which is exactly what we plan to do. So, come join us.

Stay Ahead of the Curve

Outside of our own event this year, we’re proudly sponsoring the TikTok Meetup. Our entire team will be in there, making this the perfect opportunity for you to gain valuable end-of-year insights and get a sneak peek into what 2024 has in store.

Chat with our team for some insights on:

  • How to end your year with a BANG
  • What you can learn from the Dating trends for December/Q1
  • Which Nutra’s you should bet your money on in Jan
  • The CC-Sweepstakes that always have CAP
  • What Advidi has in store for 2024

TikTok Event Deets

Date: 6th of December
Time: 13:00
Location: InterContinental Bangkok

You can expect expert speakers, inspiration for creativity, TikTok Ads insights and of course, us. If you can’t make it to the TikTok Meetup, make sure you swing by booth C03 for a chat!

Not able to attend the Meetup but don’t want to miss out on the gems of knowledge?
Sign here to stay ahead of the game!


Want some insider tips on what to do during the conference and how to discover the best of Bangkok? Check out our Ultimate Guide to AWA Bangkok – we’ve got the lowdown on the city’s culinary delights and cultural gems.

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