The battle for the throne continues! What are you doing to claim the throne?

We are midway through the Kings of Advidi competition, and the 2020 competitors are fierce.

The competition is based on traffic volume, which means you can outsmart the competition by using boosters to earn additional points on existing traffic. This makes the competition even more interesting, because it’s not only the volume, it’s about being creative with it. 

The contest is shaping up to be our most exciting, and competitive, yet! Last year we saw multiple last-minute point swings that changed the winning outcome, so we advise now is the time to pounce and gain a competitive advantage by utilising the fortnightly special offers and most importantly The Crown Gems.



Want to diversify and dominate the leaderboard? We suggest using the multitasker sapphire. 

For each point you earn in a vertical other than your primary contest vertical, you will receive 50% bonus points for those. 

For example, if you primarily run Dating, but also earn 10 points on Sweepstakes offers, you’ll earn 15 points instead.

It’s that simple, and a great way to push yourself up the leaderboard.




Patience is a virtue! You can improve steadily throughout the competition to earn a massive leap ahead by using the Growth Amber.

The Kings of Advidi competition is divided into four 2-week cycles. If your revenue is higher than the previous cycle at the end of any given cycle, then the points earned during the latest completed cycle will be increased by 10%. 

This is an easy way to earn bonus points. 

In the case your revenue is lower than a previous cycle at the end of any cycle during the competition, you will no longer be eligible for the Grower bonus. 




Love us? Tell your friends about Advidi and gain points from referrals.

We love to meet new people, as much as we love rewarding you. When you refer a new affiliate to Advidi who does at least $1k in revenue during the competition, you earn additional points. 

Go on, spread the word and earn those points.




One is the loneliest number. Double your points with special offers!

Every two weeks we send out a newsletter with special offers, all traffic sent to them will earn double points. (For every regular point you make for that offer, we will double it.)

These special offers are some of the best in our network. The list of special offers will be active for 14 days and will change every second Friday at midnight Amsterdam time (CET).

You can always ask your affiliate manager to re-send you the special offers if you missed it.




Get creative and create your personal powerful Gem!

The top spot is in your grasp, let’s get you there. You can earn extra points based on custom deals made with your affiliate manager. 

He or she can help you earn extra points during the competition – be sure to ask about this, it could be the deciding factor to award you King of Advidi.




Now that you are familiar with the Crown Gems and how to use them, you have all the tools you need to join us for a trip to Amsterdam fit for a King. 

Everyone has a chance with Kings of Advidi, if you don’t have the capacity to outgun the top dogs, you can still earn as many lottery tickets as possible for the Wild Card category. For every point you earn, you receive 1 ticket into the Wild Card draw. The winner will be drawn from the bowl on Friday 3 April. 

Don’t wait to claim the biggest advantage possible – talk to your AM today!



Kings of Advidi is the hottest affiliate contest around, and we’re still excited to let you in – but move fast if you want a real chance. Your revenue from the beginning of the contest will be counted retroactively, but you will not earn any Boosters until you’ve signed up for the contest.



Check out the highlight video from Kings of Advidi 2019.


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